Monday, February 27, 2006

My Guilty Pleasure

The Bachelor.

Sadly but true. I've been into 4 of the seasons and all 3 of the Bachelorette seasons. Especially this one since "Mc Hottie" was a Nashville doctor, and my favorite girl was from there too. Props to Nashville for making me homesick this season and for representing so well. If you missed this season, check out the recaps on this hilariously witty blog:

Also check out recent articles about Miss Sarah Stone on

Saturday, February 25, 2006

The First Part Last

Well, after a long hiatus, I have decided to rejoin (if I ever did officially join) the blogging culture. In making a website for my classes at school, I came back to this one, and decided I needed something like this... I don't know if anyone will read it. I don't know if I want anyone to, but here's another shot at it.

Some things I have been thinking about lately:

1. My job. I am a teacher at a semi-inner city school in Montgomery. My first semester was difficult in many ways, but it was also the "honeymoon" phase of teaching... Where I was under a grace period with my administrators, where I was being introduced into the interesting, funny, uniques things that go along with this sort of an urban culture, where I came home with hilarious stories of things that my students would say and do. Well, that period is over. Reality has struck with a vengeance. Many days I feel helpless. I have an interesting mix of students--some of them are brilliant, with dreams and aspirations + the determination to make "it" happen. Unfortunately, those are few and far between. Most of my students do not care about learning; they are looking for a free ride, a free ticket out of high school, and many of them will not earn that ticket via graduation. I can spend hours preparing for a lesson that I believe will be both fun and beneficial, and my students will groan and say, "Mrs. Crawford, can we have a free day? You always make us do so much work." Talk about deflation. I refuse to give up hope that I can make a difference though. There has to be a way to motivate them. If I ever do give up, then I need to consider changing jobs or something. So, right now I am looking for ways to get in my students' minds...

2. T.V. Since I began teaching, I have never been more tired, and I have never enjoyed coming home and engaging in some mindless entertainment more! Let me tell you about what I believe to be the 3 top shows on T.V. right now. 1)24. If you haven't seen it, go to Blockbuster and rent the 1st Season. It will blow your mind. I cannot believe the geniuses who can create such a nailbiting show week in and week out. If you check out the whole season, be prepared to get lost in the abyss. 2) Lost. There is so much depth to this show, and with the way that it is set up, the creators can go anywhere with it. There is some incredible religious symbolism, and each character is intertwined in pre-island life with another one. It has an all-star cast with familiar faces, and even if you pick up mid-season, you can catch up in no time. 3) Grey's Anatomy. It's like Felicity meets medical residency. I like this show because you can be hilariously laughing one minute and crying the next. I must also mention several honorable mentions: Smallville. This is Patrick's favorite, and I must admit I'm hooked too. Who wouldn't fall for Superman in pre-Metropolis days. It also hints at some religious ideas as well. My Name is Earl. Mindless blue collar comedy at its best. And, lastly, the Bachelor. Mainly because he's a Nashville doctor, and I'm rooting for the Nashville girl. Tune in Monday night for the season finale!

3. Marriage. It has been over 4 months, and it seems like yesterday. It baffles me how two individuals, both strong in their individuality and independence, can form into one unit so easily and even effortlessly. (I sure thought I'd be hanging onto my independence more than I have. :)) Sure it's not perfect, and some days we have to work harder than others, but the hard work makes it that much better. I can't imagine what it will be like after 4 or 40 years. God and his perfect plans...