Thursday, March 04, 2010

February Recap

Can't believe it's been a month since I last updated this page. February was a month--that's for sure. Our family ran the gamut and experienced a wide berth of events.

We dealt with health issues:Miss Addy-belle had her tube procedure. She was a trooper. During pre-op, Mom and I distracted her with all of the pictures of trees and flowers in the waiting room. We took her through her repertoire of tricks--focusing on her new favorite--jumping. She bends down low, rocks back and forth, and announces "zsump!"

Post-op wasn't quite as successful. We heard her wails as soon as we walked into recovery area, and when we got to her, she was being held against her will by a well-meaning, effeminate male nurse. He was a bit on the snarky side, and when he got in her face and tried to get her to kiss him, she... in the only word I can think of to describe this event... b*!@#-slapped him! I was mortified, but part of me wanted to shrug my shoulders and tell him that I told him not to get in her face. Needless to say, every nurse in the recovery room got a good laugh and told us we'd be retelling that story to all of her prospective suitors during her dating years. I couldn't get us out of there fast enough. Her recovery has gone well, and we are praying that her ears will have the help they need now!

During this month, I've also learn that I have hypothyroidism--to a pretty extreme degree... I knew something wasn't "right" with me, and upon diagnosis and researching the condition, I found that I fit every symptom in the book. I honestly don't know how I had been functioning at all with my levels so out of whack. My condition probably spiked postpartum, but with family history, it was likely bound to come at some point. While it is humbling to realize that I will potentially be on medication for the rest of my life, it's also reassuring to finally be able to explain why I've felt so off and to know that this situation can be corrected.

My brother-in-law has also experienced some scary events as he was hospitalized after having a probable TIA (mini stroke). After running every test in the book, the doctors at Vanderbilt diagnosed him with having a hole in his heart that was responsible for the stroke. He will undergo several more outpatient tests with his new neurologist and cardiologist to determine his plan of treatment. Please keep Daniel and Lindsay, Savannah and Baby Sawyer (on the way) in your prayers.

While all of these health issues can seem doom and gloomish, they really have reminded us not to take whatever measure of health we have for granted. It has humbled us to the very core fact that we are humans, created from dust, only to walk this earth during the times and places that the Lord has determined for us. It has made us want to make every day, every moment count. It has made us want to count our blessings.

During this month, we also celebrated:Our first big event of the month was an 80's party hosted by our great friends Chris and Bond. I wore leggings with keds, a hot pink dress with a bright turquoise shirt with an oversized shoulder-padded blazer and big belt, and of course, a side pony-tail. Patrick went more Miami Vice-ish, his blazer and bright shirt paired with tight-rolled acid washed jeans and loafers. We didn't get good pics of the kiddos, but Addison had leg warmers over her leggings, a jean jacket and a high ponytail, while sweet Jackson went all prep. We all had a blast, and we enjoyed our blast from the past!We also celebrated the upcoming birth of Kelly and Evan McCasland's little girl. Isn't Kel the cutest pregnant girl! We are so excited for them, and Kelly is going to be a great mom.

We also celebrated my dad's parents' 80th birthdays. Both of them turned 80 in February, and we dined at JAlexanders, a favorite of all!

Finally, Nana and Pop came to visit:

Patrick, Addison, and I enjoyed a visit from his parents in February. It was actually warm enough for us to get to play outside some and ride in the Cozy Coupe. We enjoyed time with family.

While I am thankful for the 8 snow days we've had this year (6 of them in Feb), I am certainly ready for some warmer weather. My serotonin levels need it! So does my daughter! She begs to go outside every time the door opens.

Here's to spring being a season of newness to us all!