Friday, May 30, 2008

Super T goes BIG!!!

I love outdoor weddings and have poured over all of Jenna Bush's wedding pictures that have been circulating the Web. This is a personal favorite of mine...

I love her dress, hair, and beautiful sunset! What I love the most, though, is who was playing at her reception:

Super T has made it BIG! I can think of Auburn days, Chi O functions, Fiji and Sigma Chi band parties, and nights at the Supper Club that were centered around this charismatic band! They were always the best, and now they are even performing the First Daughter's Wedding Reception. A friend of some extended family has booked them for her upcoming wedding, and now they are worried that this new heightened fame may take him somewhere else!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Going Green

One of my summer goals, but the question remains, "How does one actually, practically, economically do this? Seriously.

Conscious decisions we are trying to make to help the environment in our own small ways:
*recycling cans and paper
*taking our own grocery bags to the store for small trips
*using safe cleaning products
*driving my fuel efficient Honda Civ forever...

What is the next step?

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Food Ideas??? Help!

My sis-in-law had a baby last week, and we're going down to visit this weekend. I'd like to bring her family a meal, and I'm coming up short on ideas. What meals do you like to take to new moms? If you are a mom, what have been some of your favorites?

Any ideas are welcome--I'm wide open to suggestions!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

We are so excited to announce...

We had our ultrasound on Friday and found out that we are having a girl! We are thrilled and cannot wait to be parents to a precious daughter! Ashley made me this awesome image with our news and her name, and I couldn't just post it here to disappear as more blogs emerge... so it's also on the sidebar for keeps. :)
As for her name, Patrick and I love talking about names. We even talked and made lists of potential choices on our honeymoon of all things... We are both rather opiniated {surprise! :)} and Addison is the one that we both actually individually picked out. Camille was my middle name and is a family name on my mom's side. So, we've pretty much had this name picked out forever. However, most of my close friends know that I have commitment and procrastination issues... It's like once I say it, it is real--and that scares me because I want to be so SURE and I want it to be right and perfect... I HATE second-guessing myself, and I have totally been second-guessing myself on this one even though it's the only name I've found that I absolutely LOVE and think "fits" her. Patrick is totally sure, and I think Lindsay will be devestated if we change it--she's already attached. Savannah and Addison--cousins and best friends.
We'll call her "Addy," and her initials will share my favorite Basketball conference! :) {I could not find any names that I like that went with the SEC and my Auburn heritage, so I had to be excited about the ACC and my Duke and UNC basketball!} So, it's a done deal... at least for now. :)
I'll post one of my ultrasound pictures soon!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Random Fill-in-the-blanks

I was tagged by Jessa to do this so here goes...

* Maybe I should... not worry about things I can't control.
* I love the smell of... clean sheets, freshly cut grass, grilling, the ocean.
* People would say that I... act just like my mom and love "shock value."
* I don’t understand why... there is so much hate and discrimination in the world.
* When I wake up in the morning... I push snooze as many times as possible.
* I lost my will power to.. quit eating pizza. It's just too good.
* Life is wonderful with... the one you love and the confidence of eternal life!
* My past made me... happy and nostalgic. It shaped me into who I am.
* I get annoyed students ask the same question over and over.
* Parties are not... as much fun as they were when I was younger.
* Dogs are... faithful companions and loyal friends. They are family members.
* Cats… make me sneeze!
* Tomorrow I am going to… try to teach my students to be humanitarians and to love all people. Live with hope for the next day...
* I have a low tolerance for...people that do not RSVP and have no Southern Manners. (Amen, Jessa!)
* I'm totally terrified of... unrealized potential, not doing what I was meant to do.
* I wonder why I thought my life would be... predictable.
* Never in my life...have I felt so much responsibility!!
* High school was something that...I am thankful for and glad I got through mostly unscathed.
* When I'm nervous... I pace, use the restroom a BUNCH, and my stomach turns into knots.
* Take my advice... Make the most of each moment with ones that you love.
* Making my bed is… something I should try to do more often...
* I'm almost always... cleaning up some mess I've made.
* I'm addicted to… American Idol and Friday Night Lights.
* I want someone… to be inspired.

I tag Kelley, Ashley, Tiffany, Haley , and anyone else who thinks this is fun!