Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Unexplainable Sadness...

"God is on our side; He will see us through." These sweet, poignant words came from Katelyn's mouth moments after she learned of the tragic loss of her mother in a house fire early Thursday morning. Such faithful words by a young Christian, wise and mature beyond her years.

Jordan and Katelyn Creel are two of the teens from the Landmark Youth Group who we love and miss the most. They were a huge part of Patrick's life during his years as youth minister there, and he feels like they are his younger brother and sister. We traveled to Montgomery this weekend to spend time with them and mourn their sad loss.

Please pray for this sweet family and read this touching article about Jordan.

Monday, October 15, 2007

About Time

So... I'm not much of a blogger anymore, and I'm sure that even my few faithful readers have given up on me at this point, but I thought it was time for an update.

I have completed the first quarter of my teaching this year, and am celebrating Fall Break in full force. I have desperately needed a break to get rejuvenated and have some fun! Patrick and I are also anticipating our 2nd wedding anniversary this Sunday. We just got back from Washington D.C. as our celebration last night and had a wonderful time. We both visited the city as young teenagers, but it opened our realm of experience to view the nation's capital through adult eyes. We enjoyed all the monuments and museums, and my favorite events included the Holocaust Museum (especially since I taught Night this quarter), Georgetown, and the National Cathedral. Thanks to April S. and Kris G.C. for the wonderfully fabulous recommendation for D.C. Coast, a restaurant that Patrick and I easily dubbed the best dining experience of our marriage thus far.

Our other highlights of the fall include preparing for Lindsay and Daniel's Savannah Michelle, the Parade of Homes, working on our home (entries and pictures to come--hopefully), and celebrating Lori and Clay's upcoming wedding!