Thursday, January 11, 2007

Humor me, Harper Lee!

I was HERE!

Last night will be a night that I will always remember. It will definitely by a spotlight from the "Montgomery years" that I will look back on with delight. I got to experience what every book-loving English teacher could dream of--being in the presence of her hero.

For more information about the event, click here and read a touching story of two schools merging, and Harper Lee making a rare public appearance.

In my elementary, middle, and high school years, two books really touched me, opened my eyes, and made me passionate about the world of literature and reading: Anne of Green Gables (and Avonlea to follow) and To Kill a Mockingbird. When I was in college and was choosing between two sororities, a fact that pushed me over to one side (with several others) was that Harper Lee had indeed pledged Chi Omega. Trivial, I know, but true.

Yesterday, at about 10 a.m., I found out that Harper Lee had planned to make somewhat of a last-minute appearance--which is an extreme rarity as she avoids the public limelight and lives a reclusive lifestyle--at a joint high schools' performance of her famous work. Lee's teachers and students were invited to this invitation only event compliments of the State Department of Education. I almost fell out of my chair, and I completely rearranged my day and night. My good friend, Britani, who shares a love of TKAM, was able to share this special event, and we were moved. The performance was excellent, and just seeing her was worth it. We did almost go borderline psycho with plans to follow her limo, or walk the streets of Monroeville and just happen to show up at her church with our copies of TKAM for her to sign. How convenient, right? But, alas, we refrained... (I also refrained from wearing my Chi-O jersey! :))

Coming soon are some pictures that we took from the event...

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Freedom Writers

Great Movie! Go see it now.
Inspired me to think outside the box and be passionate about everything I do. For more info, go here. Any other thoughts?

"Teens" say the funniest things...

So this morning Patrick was teaching the 7th and 8th graders at church. It was a refreshing change to move from the unresponsive dragging older kids to the overly excited younger teens. Instead of having no class participation, we experienced having 10 hands raised immediately to any given question. While we didn't accomplish all of the class plan for the day, we did have some funny/interesting questions posed by our young Christian friends:

(1) My grandfather doesn't go to church...(pause)
But my grandmother does...(longer pause)
But one time I heard my grandfather say that he prayed for his brother...(pause)
Can he still be a Christian? (said with every bit of sincerity possible)

(2) So, you know those people who come to "church" but stay out where the chairs are(ergo, the lobby)and never actually come into where the singing and stuff is? Are they Christians?

Do you have any funny stories of things kids or teens say?

Monday, January 01, 2007

Ear Candling

Are you having trouble hearing? Do your ears feel itchy? Then you should definitely try the cleansing power of ear candling. Ashley, Laura, and I did it tonight, and it was disgustingly fascinating--as well as a little dangerous. If you venture into this theraputic experience, make sure you have paper plates, aluminum foil, scissors, a lighter of some sort, and some water in case the flames, or ashes in our case, get a little out of control. (We very possibly could have set the condo--or our hair--on fire. Ew.) You'll be amazed at what comes out of your ear. I mean fascinatingly disgustedly amazed! Q-tips don't do it justice. I actually saved mine for a short time to show Patrick and make him proud :), and I ended up showing some of the teens in our youth group too. It's always fun to shock teens... They were in awe and begged me to take out the van to get them some ear candles. That'd be a worthwhile sight! You can find these lovely devices at your nearest GNC or health foods store. Enjoy and be careful!

P.S. This picture is not an actual safe portrayal of the procedure. Please use a paper plate wrapped in foil as a shield for the stray ashes and sparks!