Sunday, January 07, 2007

"Teens" say the funniest things...

So this morning Patrick was teaching the 7th and 8th graders at church. It was a refreshing change to move from the unresponsive dragging older kids to the overly excited younger teens. Instead of having no class participation, we experienced having 10 hands raised immediately to any given question. While we didn't accomplish all of the class plan for the day, we did have some funny/interesting questions posed by our young Christian friends:

(1) My grandfather doesn't go to church...(pause)
But my grandmother does...(longer pause)
But one time I heard my grandfather say that he prayed for his brother...(pause)
Can he still be a Christian? (said with every bit of sincerity possible)

(2) So, you know those people who come to "church" but stay out where the chairs are(ergo, the lobby)and never actually come into where the singing and stuff is? Are they Christians?

Do you have any funny stories of things kids or teens say?


Lerra said...

This has nothing to do with church stuff, and they weren't teens, but I have a funny story. Yesterday Mitch Fewell came to our house to help us with our computer, and he brought his 4 boys. At one point during the afternoon, Mitch & Baron went to Wal-Mart, leaving me at the house with the 4 boys. The 5-year-old asked me, "Where is Aiden?" (Speaking of Aiden Mills.) I told him Aiden was at his house. He responded telling me that he thought "this was Aiden's house". So his older brother explained to him that Aiden is Mr. Jamin's son. At which point the 5-year-old turned to me & asked, "So where is your baby?" So apparently I am now getting that question from kids too!

Kristy said...

Haha! Gotta love it. At least they've given you a couple of years.

Supabloggasuprememama said...

all these have been asked by "our" kids:

-when are you having another baby (when aiden was three months old)

-when you said you were going to blow up when you were pregnant, no one believed you. and then you did.

-so if judas betrayed jesus, and then jesus announced that he was going to be betrayed at the last supper, wasnt judas set up? I mean maybe he went ahead and said "what the heck" and betrayed J all because J said that...(at least theyre thinking somewhat abstractly..)

-walt and I are walking into church together...walt walks ahead of me and a seventh grader comes up and asks, "is that your brother?"
me: "yes, why?"
"cause I dont want you to divorce Jamin" the same girl reached up and grabbed jamins chicfila sandwich, as he was bringing it to his mouth to take a bite, and when he acted surprised, she said she assumed he'd bought it for her to eat.

I could go on and on and on...

Kristy said...

ooh, Ash, my favorite one is the pregnant one! hilarious.