Monday, October 29, 2012

Ansley is 2!

I cannot believe it. These two years have seriously just flown by. I brought muffins for Ansley's class at school on Thursday, and she had been singing Happy Birthday to herself for three days by the time her real birthday came around. When anyone told her Happy Birthday, she said "thanks! Happy birthday to you too." Loved it. Here are some pictures we took of her special day.

We decided to keep going with the favorite character themes, and Ansley loves Elmo as do most 2-year-olds. I made her this Birthday banner, mini pumpkin spice muffins to take to school, and her very own Birthday cake.

Ansley woke up in a great mood as usual. She lounged on the couch watching Dora while we were getting ready for church.

She actually gave us a half smile when we asked for a picture before church. This is unusual for her two year old self. :/

Ansley got to go to her favorite Sunday lunch spot. She sometimes calls it "Subway Eat Fresh" and other times shortens it to "Eat Fresh." We brought along a few happies for her to open there. You can see from the pictures that Big Sister was happy to help. 


We had a special dinner in the Dining Room. Ansley requested pizza. Bless her... If she only knew that her cheese was some tapioca mixture. Oh well, she doesn't, and she feels included, and she's probably the healthiest of all of us... Anyway, it cracked me up when Ansley told me that she wanted to eat in the dining room and that she wanted to have her banner and balloon in there too. This little girl remembers exactly what we did for her sister's birthday, and she made sure she got the same deal. She was sooooo excited too!

Addison got in on playing with the new toys too. Big sister figures out how to play the game. :)

To end our night, we carved our pumpkin--Elmo-style of course.
We certainly do love this funny, sweet, precious, and smart little 2-year-old. Thank you, Father, for this sweet sweet soul.

Friday, October 26, 2012

The girls' Disney Junior Birthday Party

I cannot believe that the girls' Birthday party has already come and gone. We had so much fun! I decided to let them have a joint party this year, and we went with a "Disney Junior" theme because Doc McStuffins and Minnie Mouse are the girls' favorites right now. Little Einsteins is mine, and I thought it would be more "boy" friendly too. :)
We chose to have their party at the park since we wanted to include all of our family and their friends, and it was the perfect venue and a beautiful day for my beautiful girls. We had plenty of built in activities, but I also planned a few of my own. I made one of the tables "Doc's Clinic" and let the kids give the stuffed animals check ups with their doctor's kits. They recorded their findings in the "Big Book of Boo Boos" that I made for them.  I also made one table "Minnie's Bow-Tique" and let the kiddos make pink hairbows or blue bowties with glitter glue, jewels, markers, and foam stickers. We also brought our Cozy Coupe and turned it into "Rocket's Rides for the littler ones.

Since we had the party in the morning, I went light on the refreshments. I made pumpkin spice muffins, allergy free cupcakes, Mickey Mouse chicken nuggets, and popcorn. I served pink lemonade, capri suns, and water bottles.

For the treat bags, I made Doc's first aid kits with heart bandaids, tongue depressors, and medicine dispensers, Minnie Mouse stickers, Little Einstein coloring sheets, bouncy balls, and candy!

My fun and creative friend Haley made Addison and Ansley these cute shirts for their party. They could not wait to wear them!