Sunday, October 07, 2012

P's Big Night

Our family has been super busy lately, but no one has been busier or worked harder than Patrick. Thursday night made all of this hard work pay off.

Aspen was honored to build a home this year in the prestigious Parade of Homes in Middle Tennessee in the King's Chapel Development in Williamson County. For their first time participating in this event, they were hoping to build a solid, livable home that showed quality work and sparked interest in potential new customers. Sure, they hoped to win an award or two, but they were so excited and surprised at what unfolded.

They swept the awards winning the big ones: Best in Show, Best Floor Plan, Best Craftsmanship, Most Livable; and then they also won Best Foyer and Best Master Suite. Our jaws hit the floor at all of those honors, and I was so excited for him.

All of the builders had to wear tuxedos, so I got to wear my only cocktail dress that I have only worn one other time. At first, I felt ridiculous getting that dressed up when I knew that most of the other guests at the VIP Preview Party would be in more business wear, but it ended up being fun to get all dressed up for a special night out with my husband.

After the "cocktail" hour and then the "awards" hour, the guests got to tour the homes. It was a really surreal experience that I was so blessed to be a part of. Below is a picture of us out on the back porch of the parade home, a finished exterior picture of P's house, and a link to an article about the night with some pictures at the bottom.

We are hopeful and prayerful that this exposure will help business grow and expand even more.

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