Saturday, October 06, 2012

Disney Surprise

One day Lindsay and I were sitting at ballet, and we saw a flier for the upcoming Disney on Ice. Neither of us had been before, and I thought it would be a great Birthday surprise for my girls, and Linds thought it would be a great precursor for her family's trip to Disney next month. (Shhh... That's a surprise too!)

I told Addison and Ansley yesterday that we had something special and fun planned for the night. Addison's first question was did it mean that she got to stay up late. When the reply was yes, she exploded into giggles. She spent the rest of the day guessing. She guessed a concert, LP field, church, the park, going to the pink room at Daddy's parade house, going to eat at a restaurant, and a few other fun things. I loved the build up.

We ate dinner at my favorite restaurant from high school days, SatCo, down by Vandy. I love to eat that yummy food every chance I get, and it was the place where we revealed the surprise. Giggles exploded again.

The show was great. We saw Cars, Tinkerbell, The Little Mermaid, and Toy Story, and of course Minnie, Mickey, Donald, and Goofy. When I asked the girls what their favorite parts were, Ansley said, "Uncle Daniel" and Addison said, "Ariel." Hilarious. We ha a fun time and took some fun pictures.

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