Sunday, August 24, 2008

Running out of room... but still celebrating

{Me at 35+ weeks, Patrick, me, Savannah, Lindsay, and Daniel at the party, my grandparents beside their wedding cake}

With the beginning of another school year, a new crop of students, a new challenging AP class to teach, and an ever-growing belly {and nose too, at this point}, I have been exhausted! I've had stories to share and things to write about, but just not the energy... My school year has actually started off great, actually, and so far I am loving my kids and what I'm doing in the classroom.

The reality of this final month of pregnancy has finally hit me, though... Friday, after school, I went out with some friends to Mellow Mushroom. Patrick was working late(r), and we had date planned for later in the evening with dinner reservations for 8:00 {We've only a few weeks left with just the 2 of us, so we've been trying to fill them with special times}. I got home about 5:45, laid down, and literally could NOT get up out of bed. He got home about 6:45 and found me limp and lifeless. We cancelled our reservations, made PB&J's and tall glasses of milk, and went upstairs to "On Demand" the movie 21--which we loved by the way. I felt so lame, but couldn't have enjoyed myself more.

I'm over it. You know? All the, "How are you feeling(s)?" the sweet "awe cute" looks combined with the pitiful smiles and "you poor thing--in all this heat" comments, the waiting... the preparation... oh, the waiting... I pray that Addison stays in my belly as long as she needs to, but I am READY to meet my daughter and be a mommy!

I am determined to enjoy these last few weeks, though, and fill them full of memories. One of those memories was the party that my parents hosted last night for my grandparents who are celebrating 60 years of marriage. They got married in someone's home, and never had a wedding or reception, so my parents threw them a nice reception last night with 60 of their closest friends and family. {Unfortunately, Cousin Carl and Dolly couldn't make it, but they sent their congratulations. :)} It was sweet and special and made was a nice reminder of just how sacred marriage is! We all had a great time, and that cake tasted just as good as it looks!

I'll start going to the doctor weekly this week, so please keep those prayers coming. I'm VERY nervous about these last few weeks!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

All About Addison

Seriously, she's all I think about. :) Even through the beginning of school drudgery, I have not been able to be too stressed because I cannot stop thinking about how excited I am to meet Baby Addison in less than 7 weeks. Today was a wonderful day spent with family and friends who are excited to meet her too. I'm hoping with school starting that time will pass quickly! Here are some snapshots of today...

Thanks to everybody who made today so much fun, and special thanks to Amy, Kelley, Mindy, Jesse, Lori, and Britani who traveled to spend time with us!

{Captions: #1--me at 33+ weeks and still growing strong :); #2--with fellow preggo friends: Amy 16 weeks, Britani 22 weeks; #3--with dear friends who threw Baby Addison a party: Amy, Kelley, Lia, Kelly, Mindy, Me, Katie; #4--with Linds and Lia}