Monday, October 30, 2006

Macbeth on Star Wars?

I was grading my seniors' Macbeth Acts 3 and 4 tests today, and I had some funny responses that I thought I'd share...

When asked what 3 questions Macbeth asked Banquo, the correct responses would be in the family of...

Ride you this afternoon?
Is't far you ride?
Goes Fleance with you?

My favorite response of the day:
"Ride ye to the mothership?"

When I asked this student where he got this answer from, he responded: "Oh, I meant to write, 'Ride ye to the motherland?'" Motherland? That word is nowhere to be found in Macbeth! He said he is sure he wrote it on his study guide. I think he must have been watching Star Wars as he was "studying."

Second response:

The question asks, how have Lady Macbeth and Macbeth's roles reversed?

When teaching, I said something to the effect that Macbeth is keeping Lady Macbeth out of the loop. Favorite response:

Macbeth is in control now. Lady Macbeth is in the loo.

These seniors are OOC!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Anniversary Gifts

Any thoughts on anniversary gifts? Traditional or non-traditional? Over the top or not at all? Our 1st is coming up, and I'm aiming for something special/sentimental within a reasonable budget. The traditional gift for year 1 is paper. I'm thinking that could include stationery, books, magazines, tickets to an event, the paper I wrap the non-traditional present with...? Any ideas would be welcome.

pumpkins galore

October is my favorite month. It just feels good to me. The weather is cooler; football season is in full swing; all of the Montgomery festivals are around the corner; hayrides and haunted houses and costume parties are in full swing; and it's the month of high school Homecomings. I also get to celebrate my first anniversary this month! Shopping is dangerous for me during this time of year. I have a weakness for anything that I can use to decorate my house festively, and I start my holiday baking early. I also pick up every magazine known to man, well (wo)man, that has a fall theme to it. It's quite ridiculous, but it keeps me in good spirits and gives me things to look forward to. My weakness of the week has been William-Sonoma. They start serving their mulling spice hot beverages about now, and they always have some other sample of a tasty treat. Yesterday, I splurged and bought the cookie cutters, and today I went back for the pumpkin bundt cans. Here is my first attempt at a pumpkinesque cake. Come on over and have a peace! Happy Fall festivites!