Thursday, April 29, 2010

Addison updates

Couple of days late on this one since she just turned 19 months, but since it's for family and my own personal memories, I know they'll forgive me...

At 18 months:

Addison weighs 25 pounds and is in the 50%
She is 34 inches tall in the 95%
Her head circumference falls in the 75%

  • Her favorite foods are strawberries, applesauce, pizza, mac-n-cheese, grilled cheese, and EGGS
  • She sings all of her "A,B,C's", "Jesus Loves Me," "Twinke Twinkle Little Star," "Happy Birthday," most of the Dora and Elmo songs and and most of "The Wheels on the Bus" with the motions.
  • She is talking--nonstop--in sentences, asking questions, and my favorite is, "Hey Mommy, you know what?" followed by some partially coherent babble.
  • She loves bubbles, loves to draw and color, loves to fingerpaint although she HATES getting her hands dirty, wants to read stories all the time, still loves to jump, and adores the playground and baseball games. She asks for both of those daily--as well as asks to ride in "Daddy's Car" because when she gets to ride in his car, she gets to go to Jaydee's house.
  • She is finally calling Savannah "Manna" now instead of "Dora," names all of her family members, and besides her cuz, her best friends are Jack and Owen. She sings the "Night-Night" song and prays for them every night.
  • She has also become increasingly independent, "I wanna hold it." "I do it." and she throws the typical toddler tantrum, mostly about something that she claims "MINE!" We're mostly past the hitting stage for now...thankfully.
As I've said about the others, I really love this stage. It's so much fun even with the "terrible 2's" symptoms brewing. :)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Addison's New Tshirt

She'll be wearing this to school tomorrow to proudly announce:

Yay! Today I hit my 12 week mark, and all three of us got to hear the baby's heartbeat. We are thrilled! I am due in early November, and we are just praying for a healthy, sweet baby. I think Addy-belle is going to be a great big sis! Please keep us in your prayers!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sawyer's Blessing

On Saturday, we celebrated some Spring Babies on the way. First, Linds and I went to a shower for our sweet friend Reid and Baby Lane on the way. Then yesterday afternoon, we had a time of "Blessing' for Lindsay's Sawyer-boy. All of Lindsay and Daniel's close family women gathered to pray over Linds with blessings, offer advice and well wishes, indulge in desserts, and shower her with gifts.

This picture is a sampling of the gifts she and Sawyer recieved.
We had her party at my Grandmama Holt's house. She made Lindsay's favorite dessert, pound cake. We served it with a chocolate sauce and strawberries and/or a lemon sauce and blueberries. It was soooo delicious. My grandmother is a Master Gardner, so the flowers she displayed were beautiful. She is also the quintessential hostess--just look at all of her silver and crystal serving pieces--and really enjoyed hosting this for Linds.

A close up of some of Sawyer's personalized goodies. Mom gave her the lovey and bib in the middle; the bib goes with the "coming home" outfit that she got him. The burp cloth and bib on the edges were from me. :)

This is an outfit that Daniel's grandmother made him. I thought it was so adorable.

The white and navy smocked outfits in the middle were outfits that Daniel wore as a little boy--also made by his grandmother. His mom brought a box full of his old clothes, and our favorite items in that box were the cowboy boots he wore as a little boy. Adorable. (Btw, the yellow and blue Polo romper on the edge was also from me. :))

This is a shot of the women in my family who were able to come. Mom, Grandmama Dean, me, Linds, Aunt J (Mom's sis), Grandmama Holt, and Cousin Loren.

Meanwhile, at home, Addybelle was enjoying a Daddy-Daughter day. In this pose, she is proudly donning her new hat. They had a ball, and I was able to join them for an afternoon at the park. It was a beautiful Saturday.

Friday, April 09, 2010

Spring is in the air!

Finally! And boy have we been enjoying all that comes with it. Since it's been another month-long posting drought, this one will be a picture-caption recap. Hopefully I'll get back into the swing of things on this blog soon.

First, look at this mischievous grin. Think we might have our hands full?

At our class' Easter Egg hunt at Harris Fisher's house. Just getting into the groove of hunting eggs.
Celebrating Aunt Lindsay's birthday with song and dance.

One of A's new favorite animals at the zoo. "'Raffs!"

Hunting eggs at the zoo's Eggstravaganza!

Ready for her third egg hunt in her Easter best from her Nana

Looking at their loot.

Family Easter pic.

We've had a fun and busy month. We enjoyed a visit from Steven, have re-landscaped our yard, and enjoyed Spring Break.

The end.