Sunday, March 13, 2011

4 months (well, 4 and a half months now...)

Where does the time go? Our Ansley girl turned 4 months on February 28. On February 27, she received her baby Bible from Brentwood Hills (where her sister and her mommy got their baby Bibles too). We took some pics to document the event:

At 4 months old, Ansley weighs 12.5 pounds and is in the 20th % and is almost 25 inches long in the 80th%--long and lean like her sister. She eats 6 times a day (but just this weekend I am stretching her and trying to feed her 5 times a day). Since I have gone back to teaching, she takes some pumped milk, and I nurse her at school (and at home) as well. Our doc said to wait on cereal unless we were just itching to, so we might start next week at the beach when she is almost 5 months. She still naps in between most feedings with one longer nap and sleeps for about 10 hours at night. She is so happy and laid back--except when she is hungry or tired. Then, she owns it.

Her favorite "toys" are her exersaucer and jumper, and she loves sitting in her Bumbo to play with her dog and giraffe toy. What am I saying? Her favorite toys are her feet! They are always in her hands or in her mouth, and I love it! She holds her own bottle, tries to sit up (but wobbles pretty quickly), and babbles all day long. She dadadadas, rararas, and dobe dobe dobes similar to how Addison did. She will pull out her pacie and start "talking" if she thinks someone is listening. She ADORES her big sister, and the feeling is mutual.

I am finding that I am not wanting these milestones to come and go so quickly this time. With my first, I was so excited about every new thing. The first time Ansley tried to hold her bottle, I told Patrick and the ladies who take care of her at school that I wasn't ready for them to let her do that yet. :)

I am loving having the girls at school with me, and Ansley's morning walks to my classroom bring me the most fulfillment. I am greeted with her squeals of delight, and then her ravenous hunger when I go to feed her a little bit later. Addison is very proud of and protective of her also. We love this little lady and are finding so much joy in raising her.