Monday, September 30, 2013

31 days writing experiment

Day 2: The Morning After: Keeping the Magic Alive
Day 3: Celebrating the Change in the Wind
Day 4: Celebrating Getting our Fix
Day 5: Holidays are more fun with FESTIVE shirts
Day 6: Soccer Saturdays
Day 7: Birthday Sunday
Day 8: Spontaneous Discovery Mondays
Day 9: The Very Merry Unbirthday Party
Day 10: Celebrating 5
Day 11: Partying like a PRINCESS
Day 12: Friday Fun
Day 13: Friends who are Family
Day 14: Retro-Post Back to School Celebrations
Day 15: Life Lessons from Taylor Swift
Day 16: Brown Paper Packages Tied up with Strings
Day 17: Celebrating Generations
Day 18: Celebrating Milestones
Day 19: Follow through
Day 20: 8 years
Day 21: Celebrating 3
Day 22: Halloween in Neverland
Day 23: The one where I met one of my heroes
Day 24: Our escape
Day 25: The Mom who said "No" to EVERYTHING

Since we have returned from such a wonderful first family trip to Disney World, we have experienced a sort of euphoric letdown.  We had so much fun celebrating the magic of Disney that we aren't quite willing to let that go. I chose the title "Celebrations" to write about because my new goal is to make celebrations out of the every-day-ordinary as well as the extraordinary.  I have needed an excuse and an inspiration to write more consistently so I am using The Nester's writing challenge to "put my pen to paper."

Here's to celebrating the magic of the every day!

The inspiration of this thread came from documenting our family's vacation in these previous posts beginning here and ending here.  

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