Saturday, October 12, 2013

Friends Who are Family

Our Saturday was blessed.

We got to spend good time having real conversations about life with our dear friends the Blackburns.

When we were newlyweds living in the same city (a.k.a. Footloose and fancy free) , we used to have slumber parties at each other's houses; we used to do spontaneous double dates; we stayed up all night scraping 7 layers of wallpaper and painting kitchens; we got our dog babies together for play dates; we had marathon life group gatherings.

Later, we celebrated the excitement of simultaneous pregnancy announcements and have watched our kids bond as babies and consider themselves honorary cousins.

Today we celebrated Franklin in the fall.

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Britani Blackburn said...

How am I just now reading this? I almost started crying. So thankful to see you guys again this past weekend. Love you!