Thursday, October 03, 2013

Celebrating Getting Our Fix

When you're missing Disney, the next best thing is to go to Disney on Ice, right?!? Especially when you have two little girls and the theme is "Princesses and Heroes."

There will never be another surprise that matches the friendly bomb we dropped here, but we still get so excited about surprising our girls with fun things, and they were so excited when I told them where we would be going tonight!

Addison beamed and told me that she just knew that those princesses could find her in Tennessee, and she asked if they took the "Magical Express" to get to the airport to fly here all the way from Disney World. ;) love that kid.

When the "When you wish upon a star" intro came on, and Mickey and Minnie skated to mid-rink, the girls squealed and yelled, "We miss you!!!"

Then we settled in to watch the spectacular show.

We loved it all!
The girls kept "oohing and ahing" and marveling that the princesses were such amazing skaters.

I will never tire of seeing and experiencing moments through the fresh, animated, joy-spilling eyes of my children.

We had so much fun, and it definitely gave us our fix...

For now.

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