Saturday, September 21, 2013

Our First Disney Trip: The Big Reveal! (Part 2)

After months of planning and secrecy, our departure date finally arrived...

Now, with all of the to-do lists and details to add in planning a trip to Disney--especially in secret--I should also add that Patrick thought this might also be a great time to put our house on the market... So the week before we left, we had carpet redone, paint and drywall touch ups completed, tile cleaned, and laminate flooring laid. I also had a sinus infection and bronchitis.

After all of that, needless to say, I was ready to get out of DODGE!

We left on a Thursday evening, so we had planned for the girls to go to preschool as usual, come home, take baths, and then be ready for the surprise of their lives. We had packed our suitcases the night before when Addison sneaked downstairs and saw us. I can honestly say it's the one and only time that I can say I was glad that we had simultaneously put our house on the market because she had seen us thinning out our closets and packing out of season clothes in suitcases... CLOSE CALL!

We got up and went to school as planned. Patrick had taken the day off to officially list our house and finish up some loose ends, so when we got home from school, he gave them a bath; we put them in their pumpkin carriage dresses; and we brought them downstairs for the big reveal.
Every time our girls watch a Disney movie, they scream at the beginning when you see Cinderella's castle light up and hear the "da-da-da-da-da-da-da" music. They say, "Oh, we want to go to Disney World!!!"

So, we brought them in, let them open some "early birthday presents"--the princess shoes, Sofia gown, and autograph books, and then played that beginning part of a Disney movie. Their eyes got big, and we said, "Do you want to go to Disney World? Right now?!?!" It was priceless.

I have a longer video, but it is not on the computer yet. Here is a short version a few seconds later. It hadn't quite sunk in for Ansley, and Addison had just finished repeatedly asking if we were joking! :)

Then we just loaded up the van and took off to the airport.

Our flight was actually delayed for 2 hours, and that put us checking into our hotel at 1 am Disney time. Thankfully the Nashville airport has a great indoor playground. Ansley put on quite a show, announcing--to anyone who would listen--that we were going to Disney World, and then pointing at everyone and saying, "Are YOU ready? Are YOU ready?" Patrick and I could hardly contain our laughter.

The girls did great on the flight and made some friends, and our Magical Express transportation to the resort was--of course--Magical! We managed to squeeze in a few short hours of sleep before we were up and at'em for our first big day!

Next up: Magic Kingdom, Day 1

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