Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Day 2: Epcot (Part 4)

We began our second day as early as our first, but a little bit more rested--thanks to a full, good night's sleep. We packed some Pop Tarts, protein bars, and juice boxes and headed to the bus stop. As we walked out of our building, I had the girls stop for a picture in front of our resort.

These girls were ready to catch the bus! I let them wear their princess shirts since they were dining with the princesses that night, and they LOVED that!

When we got to Epcot we headed straight for the "The Seas with Nemo and Friends ride." This was one of our favorite pictures from the ride.
 Afterward, we headed to the aquarium area to look at all the marine life while we waited for Turtle Talk with Crush.

I asked her if she wanted to get in his mouth. This was the look she gave me: yeah, right.
 Addison was hesitant to get in the mouth, but she was ultimately game. She loves this picture.
This is a random photo, but an airplane was making cloud messages, and we waited around for this one. The girls thought it was "Disney magic." ;)
 The Epcot Character spot was a great place to cool off with very short lines to meet some of the classics. I wanted the girls to get a classic picture with Mickey, and this was the easiest spot to do it.
 Ansley had had enough of Pluto, so Patrick jumped in on this one with his big girl.
 And of course, Minnie. We simply could not get enough of Minnie. Ansley has always loved Minnie, but Addison developed a strong love for her on this trip. They told her they would give her a hundred hugs, and they complimented her eye and cheek make-up. Minnie signed a heart to them, and they were sooo ecstatic.

After meeting these characters, we headed over to use our FastPasses to ride Spaceship: Earth. On the way, we ran into Captain Hook and Mr. Smee, a random occurrence, we were told. So we stopped and had them sign our autograph. Ansley was hot and over it, so Addison handed her book to them as well.
 After those rides, our mission was to find the Epcot-only characters. We sped through the countries because we had promised the girls that we would come back to the resort for lunch and swimming that day, so we didn't spend as much time doing the "Kim Possible" activities that I thought we might, but for our girls, this was their choice. We had wanted to do "Soaring," and that is probably the one regret I have, but we hadn't broken them in on "big kid rides" yet, and when given the choice, it was ALL about the characters. Patrick and I were fine with that, and we were also anxious to get back to the resort to use the fun pool!

Anyone who knows Addison knows that her first crush was on Mulan's "Captain."

She still blushes when she sees him or talks about him.  Thankfully Lindsay had done the legwork to find out that Mulan is ONLY in China at Epcot.  We headed to her character spot at 11a.m. on the dot. She did not disappoint. I prompted her about Addison's "crush" and she told her all about Captain becoming a General. It was soooo cute!

Next we skipped through France and found Belle in her little town in a quiet village. She was my favorite of the 3 Belles we would see, and Addison was especially thrilled to find Belle in her blue dress carrying a book. I geeked out again a little bit to according to Patrick. ;)
 Then we strolled through England to find Alice in Wonderland. She spoke with a perfect British accent, and when Addison told her that she wanted to be her for Halloween, she went into all the things she would need to do to have a perfect tea party and a very merry un-birthday.
 Next we went to Morocco to find Aladdin and Jasmine. Ansley here is showing Jasmine where she is on Addison's shirt.
 I love Addison's face here. Aladdin was so true to character and was kind of a jokester, punk, and flirt. ;) Addison ate it up, but Ansley would have none of it.

 From there, we headed back to the resort. Here they are on the bus talking about their favorite morning moments.
 I took the girls to get ready to swim while Patrick went to the restaurant to order lunch. We used two of our lunch credits to order a pizza, get breadsticks, and these super-scrumptious, mouth-watering Apple Betty's for dessert to share between Patrick, Addison, and me.  We were hesitant to get a pizza because we didn't want Ansley to feel left out, but we quickly changed our mind when the chef came out and showed us the dairy free pizza option that she could make for Ansley with our third quick service credit. We were thrilled--Dairy-free crust, red sauce, and her very own Dairy-free cheese. She was soooooo excited, and it was just another way that Disney outdoes itself by going over the top!

Then we headed out to this beautiful spot for a couple of hours.
 This water slide was the real deal, and Addison went down this over and over again! It was so much fun. The pool was a happening place with loud music, games, and lots of activity.
 After we swam for a couple of hours, we came back to the room, changed, napped, watched football, and then geared up to go back to our Epcot for our princess dinner in Norway at Akershus. The girls were so excited that I had snuck their favorite princess dresses in our suitcases. They were even more excited when those two princesses were actually AT the dinner. I mean, it just kept getting more and more magical. ;)

When we entered, we were greeted by Belle, and our family received a complimentary 8x10 photo of us with her.
 My brown-eye-d girl was completely doe-eyed the whole night.
 Especially when Mulan!!! showed up at our table and invited them to join in the Royal Princess Procession.

 When they returned to their seats, Cinderella, Mulan, Snow White, and Ariel all made the rounds to visit each table.

After our delicious meal, we avoided a brief rainstorm by riding Maelstrom. We loved the creepiness of it. ;) Afterward, we did a more leisurely tour of the countries while we waited for the Illuminate Fireworks show.

On our trip, the girls did FABULOUS, but with great fun comes great exhaustion and occasional--and thankfully brief--meltdowns. It was not rare to go from this:

 to this:
But, like I said, it never lasted too long. :)
 Here they were waiting for fireworks while Patrick and I tried to capture Epcot at night. It was truly beautiful.

 This is blurry, but I still posted it because it is one of my favorite memories from the trip--skipping with my girls as we left the Moroccan band. We were so happy.

 Ces't la vie--at least while we were on our magical adventure.

After the fireworks show, we booked it to the bus stop to be well rested for Day 3--a return to the Magic Kingdom.

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Haley said...

I'm so glad yall did Epcot. So many skip it thinking it is not suitable for kids and my kids loved it just as much as any other park! The street dancers and fountains and musicians were so fun for them. Not to mention the constant round-the-world snacking options. :)
Belle in the Blue Dress = awesome. Jealous.
And loved reliving Akershus through this post! Such a fun experience! They won't forget it!