Sunday, September 27, 2009

1 year celebration

This weekend has really been one of my favorites ever--my little girl's 1st birthday. It has been a weekend of celebration and reflection, of bittersweetness, jubilation, and awe. God is so good.

I took off Friday to have a mommy/girlie play date, and it was so worth it. I think it even helped me enjoy her party more because I didn't feel like it was slipping by too quickly. We had a lunch party on Saturday, and Addison got to tell all of her "family" that she was 1. Little girl knew exactly who the party was for too. It was hilarious. Seriously, though, it was special for her to be surrounded by so many people who love her--she is one blessed little girl!

Today, on her actual birthday, we just did special things with our little family of 3. We watched Elmo's World, read books, rode in our new Cozy Coup and Radio Flyer Wagon, went to the park, swung on the swings, and blew bubbles. Addison took 9 steps in a row too--she's getting more confident each time! It was a day that I know I'll not forget. Here are a few pictures, but I've posted some others on facebook.

Thanks to everyone for making it so special!

***Update: We went to the doctor yesterday, and Addison is in the 95th percentile for length at 31 inches, the 50th for weight at 20lbs and 14oz, and the 75th for head at 18ish inches. Sweet girl had to get 4 shots and yelped with the best of them! :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The power of influence and "Time Out" already?

So, my daughter calls me Kiki. This morning I went up to get her from her bed, and she popped up, waved, and said, "Hi, Kiki." Sure, when she is sad or tired or mad, she wails, "Mama," but a casual greeting, and it's Kiki.

Where did she learn this? From her almost 2 year-old cousin. It's amazing what this almost one-year-old learns from that almost two-year-old. "Oh Boy!" Her laugh. There's no telling what else! When these two catch each other's eye--whether it is across the church building, at a wedding, at Jaydee's--Addison can hardly contain herself. She starts shaking, giggling, and clapping. She LOVES her Vanni. And Savannah loves her too.

So much that she even puts her in "Time Out." Seriously. Last Wednesday when Mom was keeping the girls, Savannah was lying on a pillow watching "Dora." Addison thought she'd lie next to Savannah on her pillow, but Savannah had other plans. She said, "No, Addy." When Addison's reply was to giggle and body slam herself back down on the pillow, Savannah said, "No Addy. Addy, TIME OUT!"

Oh, to be a fly on the wall...

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

pillow palates and dress up days

Daddies are the most fun, aren't they? I have the fondest memories of "Sunday Wrestle War," backyard ball, and "rain from the trees" with my own daddy-o, and Patrick has already started his vault of daddy-isms. Addison LOVES to bounce on our bed--it's her new thing. She bounces and flails her body all over the place. When P took over for a bit on Saturday, he decided to turn our rec room into a pillow palate--taking all the pillows from the guest room, couches, and chair and a half, spreading them across the floor, and covering them with a plush blanket. SUCH a Daddy-thing. I came home from the grocery store hearing breathless giggles, and I walked upstairs to find our little girl bouncing and body slamming herself all over the floor. It was priceless.

This morning in 2nd period, I heard a kick kick-knock knock on my classroom door, and when I opened it, I was greeted with a little person sitting in her stroller, clapping her hands, smiling, and saying, "Oh boy!"--her word of the day that she said 76 times. Made my morning.

Then in 4th period, one of my students who works in the daycare walked into class and flashed me this picture from her phone:Looks like it was dress up day in the Eagle's Nest--don't know if this little Pilly wants to be a princess, huh! I loved it, so I got her to email it to me. How funny is that?