Tuesday, September 08, 2009

pillow palates and dress up days

Daddies are the most fun, aren't they? I have the fondest memories of "Sunday Wrestle War," backyard ball, and "rain from the trees" with my own daddy-o, and Patrick has already started his vault of daddy-isms. Addison LOVES to bounce on our bed--it's her new thing. She bounces and flails her body all over the place. When P took over for a bit on Saturday, he decided to turn our rec room into a pillow palate--taking all the pillows from the guest room, couches, and chair and a half, spreading them across the floor, and covering them with a plush blanket. SUCH a Daddy-thing. I came home from the grocery store hearing breathless giggles, and I walked upstairs to find our little girl bouncing and body slamming herself all over the floor. It was priceless.

This morning in 2nd period, I heard a kick kick-knock knock on my classroom door, and when I opened it, I was greeted with a little person sitting in her stroller, clapping her hands, smiling, and saying, "Oh boy!"--her word of the day that she said 76 times. Made my morning.

Then in 4th period, one of my students who works in the daycare walked into class and flashed me this picture from her phone:Looks like it was dress up day in the Eagle's Nest--don't know if this little Pilly wants to be a princess, huh! I loved it, so I got her to email it to me. How funny is that?


Holly said...

What a pretty princess!

Daddies are so much fun... messy at times, but super fun memories always are made.

Supabloggasuprememama said...

precious. love it. I hope you are doing well so far this year? I think I def. owe you a phone call! I have been thinking about you and praying for you!!!

Christy said...

So sweet! I love the pillow palate! What a fun idea! I know Patrick's a wonderful dad.

J said...

Sweet entry!