Tuesday, October 01, 2013

The Morning After: Celebrate, we will!

Y'all it's hard to come back for Disney World, and not just if you are a little girl. It was super hard on this momma too. It's like you are trapped in this state of euphoria with an all-consuming exhaustion and some letdown. I compared it to Patrick like the feeling you have when you first return from church camp. 

Our girls didn't let it slow them down one bit. Bless them. Minnie Mouse showed up for a character meal,

and then I was invited to Ariel's grotto for a "Meet and Greet." I was even provided an autograph book and map of the Magic Kingdom,

 and after Ariel, I was able to meet most of the princesses and watch the Disney "Celebrate" parade.

That's what I love about the creative celebrations of children, and I was so thankful that my little girls kept the magic alive a little bit longer.

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Dara @ Not In Jersey said...

this is so sweet! we are a disney family too. I love when my kids play Disney World!