Friday, October 18, 2013

Celebrating generations

Life is so precious... And so unexpected... And so easy to just mull through without living intentionally. I am so guilty of this sometimes--just doing what I have to do to get through... To survive the day. I am so thankful for moments that snap me out of that--moments like last night.

My side of the family has 3 fall kid birthdays: Addison, Ansley, and Savannah. Parties now are small or skipped or friend-based, so Mom, Lindsay, and I decided to invite our grandparents to celebrate their great grandchildren. Gatherings like this take a lot of work, and my mom is such a great hostess and servant. We enjoyed our first chili of the season with gourmet cheese sandwiches, apples and caramel dip, and veggies. For dessert we had apple cake with caramel sauce and ice cream.

We also managed to capture this moment.
It was a fun night... And one that ended with this: Ansley choosing her fleece Christmas pajamas to sleep in. 

Holidays, are here, friends! ;)

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