Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Brown Paper Packages Tied Up with Strings...

These are a few of my favorite things.

When Patrick and I recently took the 5 Love Languages test as a part of a marriage class we are doing at church, I was surprised that "gifts" was so far down on the list for I how I receive love. I really do love picking out the perfect gift for family and friends, and I love occasion gifts.

Speaking of occasions, Patrick and I are about to celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary. We looked at the traditional gifts of "8," and we found out that linens and bronze/brass top the list. It's hard to get too excited about linens, but we do need some new bed sheets. Done. The bronze/brass thing totally worked in my favor because I had been eyeing this Noonday Stacked Arrows necklace that I had been wanting:

Patrick also has asked me to update my Pandora wishlist, and one day when I went to do so, I opened up my browser to see this charm on the screen. Looks like he might have beaten me to the punch. I have been looking for suspicious packages in the mail. :) Keeping my fingers crossed for sure! I mean what a perfect charm to celebrate love, marriage, and DISNEY. ;)
Speaking of Disney, the love continues, especially when I opened up this package in the mail yesterday.
Ever since Patrick and I got married, we started the tradition of buying a Christmas ornament, coffee mug, and deck of playing cards from each vacation spot we traveled to.  We totally ran out of time to souvenir shop on our recent excursion to the land of Mickey, so we had to shop online when we got home. Since we've had kids, they have joined in on our tradition, each receiving an ornament from where we travel. When they move out and have their own families, they will get to take their ornaments with them. My parents did this with us when we were kids, and I still get excited to pull out my Hawaii, New York, and San Francisco ornaments each year. 

Patrick and I chose the Mickey ornament for ourselves. It has a trademark landmark from each of the 4 parks on it, and we got the girls the bells with Cinderella's castle on top of them. My favorite part that you can't see here, is that Tinkerbell is inside the bell as the ringer. So cute! You also can't really see the details of our coffee mug in this box, so here is a closer look. I love it and am totally hogging it already. ;)

The best part of these is that they are all gifts that keep on giving. 

Oh, and I got Patrick shoes for our anniversary. He needed them, and it's what he asked for. ;)

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