Monday, October 14, 2013

Life Lessons from Taylor Swift: Why You Gotta Be So Mean???

About a year ago when Taylor Swift released her RED tour dates and Addison was wanting to dress up like her for Halloween, we thought it was hilarious and fun, and so Patrick expressed interest to his LP friend for any tickets that might be available. Well, we got some, but by the time this fall rolled around, the Miley Cyrus twerking fiasco had just happened, and I was nervously reluctant to expose the girls to anything that might compromise their innocence. Taylor still shows elegance and class, but you just never know how quickly someone in the limelight that can turn. Since we were going to be in the box and far enough away for any eyes to pop out, we went, and I am so glad we did. 

We surprised the girls with anothe pre-Birthday celebration, and this picture shows them after they found out where they were going.

 Taylor Swift was pretty chatty in between sets, and before she sang, "Why You Gotta Be So mean?" she talked about how much it hurts when people say hurtful things to her. She had thought the "mean girl" phenomenon would end in adolescence, but she had learned that people, no matter how old or young, had the ability to hurt or encourage others with their words. Addison asked me if she was talking to God, and I explained that she was talking to us. Even at barely 5 years old, being a girl is hard. Your best friend one day won't play with you on the playground the next day. A friend group of 3 always has an odd man out. 

This message from TSwift has had quite the impact on my little girl, and she's quoted her words from that night several times. That, in itself, was worth the whole night.
Here's to Taylor Swift keeping it real and keeping it clean.

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