Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Celebrating the change in the wind...

Fall has always been refreshment to me. Whether it's the excitement of a new school year with new markers and crayons, notebooks and pens, or the hype for a new football season, or an approaching anniversary that inspires nostalgic reminiscing, or the celebration of a new year of life for both of my daughters, the change that comes with fall breathes new life through me.

Especially when a fall morning begins like this:

and includes this:
(The best pumpkin coffee creamer and pumpkin cream cheese can be yours by venturing out to Aldi.  It is seriously out of this world.)

With our house up for sale, we've been a little paralyzed with how to decorate for fall. We spent so much time decluttering and streamlining our house that we don't want to bring out anything that would junk it up and turn off a potential buyer. This is HARD for me. I love being home during this time of year because my house is filled with festive things that make me happy. I took the girls on a nature walk the other day, and Addison kept marveling at everyone's pumpkins, begging me to put out our fall stuff.  (We appeased them with the pumpkins above and the scarecrows below.) I came home from that walk and cried because I couldn't find my harvest candle because I packed EVERY.single.thing away.  We're slowly bringing out the festiveness, but I'm also trying to celebrate in simple ways--wrapping up in blankets and drinking pumpkin spice coffee. 

 Celebrating fall--it's in the little things. Nature walks, collecting leaves, simmering soups, pumpkins, jackets, togetherness...and sweet moments like this...

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April said...

Love all your recent posts! I'm trying to get my act together and blog more too... We shall see :) Glad you liked the pumpkin yummies!!!