Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Celebrating 5

I cannot believe that my baby is 5.YEARS.OLD.  The day before her Birthday, I instagrammed this collage of some of my favorite photos of her:
It really does seem like just yesterday that I was holding her in my arms for the first time--falling completely in love with this little person, my Addison Camille.

On the day before her Birthday, I made some castle and crown princess cookies and took them to school to share with her class (on Sofia napkins to boot). She was excited to get to wear her special hat and have Mrs. Carrie do the Birthday "cha-cha-cha" with her.

After school we went to our favorite park, Pinkerton, for a play date with Savannah that she had been begging for. Savannah brought her an early birthday surprise too--a Sofia plush doll and...The.Amulet.Of.Avalar. All she has EVER wanted. ;) Loved letting these kiddos play with each other!
The next morning when she woke up, she requested Mickey Mouse pancakes. Of course I obliged the Birthday girl this request, and I surprised her when it came on an Ariel plate with an Ariel napkin and a "5" candle. I wish I had recorded the giggles.

Next she got to open her presents from her great grandparents: Ariel Lego Duplos, duh. The only OTHER thing she has EVER wanted. (We may have heard this a few times. ;) )
 We had to get ready for her 5-year-old well visit, and I let her pick out her clothes. She insisted on bringing Kit (in her Birthday dress--thanks, Mom!) and Sofia just in case she had to get a vaccine.  (I hadn't told her, but she was supposed to get 2. We got there, and they were out of vaccines... Special little Birthday surprise she didn't even know she got...)  She also orchestrated this picture. Bless.
We dropped Ansley off at my mom's since she lives down the street from our pediatrician, and it was Ansley's nap time. On our way there, my dad called and said he was coming home for lunch, so he and mom gave Addison her birthday presents: roller skates and an Alice in Wonderland dress (the ONLY other things she has EVER wanted). We had a quick lunch and went to the doctor where I learned that Addison is in the 95% for height and 65% for weight and is growing and developing as a little 5-year-old girl should.  She wouldn't stop talking to Dr. Leeper (who we love love love as a ped and even-more-so since he is a shepherd at our church)--even as he had a tongue depressor in her mouth. He looked at me with a twinkle in his eye, and I just shrugged. I did get tickled as I watched him fight getting tickled when she told him that she's really not eating her boogers anymore because they have dirt and germs in them... Bless...

When we picked Ansley up and got back home to make Addison her Birthday dinner of Poppyseed Chicken Casserole, rice, strawberries, and salad (her request), she immediately transformed into Alice and began signing autograph books, playing Disney World with her sister again.
As they waited for Patrick to get home, they stared longingly at her presents that she got to open AFTER dinner.
First she blew out candles again with another iced castle cookie (saving the cake for their little party).

Then she opened her card and money from her Nana and Pop, and by then, her sister was busting at the seams to give her the present that she got her.  She had already told her earlier in the day--I heard her whisper to her--that she had gotten her a new "Kit book," but Addison was sweet and still acted surprised.

Then we gave her our boring ones: clothes and shoes--things she NEEDS. ;)

Then she opened her remaining few things:

Patrick gave the girls a bath, and then Addison put BACK on her Alice in Wonderland dress to watch her movie of choice: The Little Mermaid, of course. ;) [Side note: She has worn this dress EVERY DAY since her Birthday.  Sometimes like this as Alice. Other times, she just wears the blue part, asks for a low ponytail and wears blue slippers as Wendy Darling. Other times, she tucks in the collar, wears princess shoes and a "half-tail" with a ribbon and parades around as Ariel-human. We had NO idea she would love a dress-up dress THIS much, but it has provided HOURS upon HOURS of entertainment.] 

It was the perfect ending to a special day.

At 5 years old, Addison loves princesses, fairy tales, Disney World, Kit Kittredge, playing dress up, writing and coloring, reading, riding her bike, roller skating, and playing soccer. She is starting to read more fluently and is picking up new words and sounds every day. She loves to eat and has been going through a growth spurt. She is trying new things like avocado, mango, other new vegetables, new casseroles, and chicken salad sandwiches from Meridees and the Puffy Muffin are her favorites. She also loves oatmeal cream pies and starbursts. She is very social and makes new friends wherever she goes. She is starting to get more self-conscious about her beautiful curls, and she is starting to evangelize. Her teacher told me last week that she overheard Addison asking one of her friends if she wanted to be a Christian and follow Jesus. ;) Addison told me last night that she "lives life with merriment," and that made my heart overflow with love.

I love this little 5-year-old more than I could ever imagine, and Patrick and I are so thankful for, sometimes challeged with, but mostly blessed by this sweet, spunky, strong-willed, fun-loving, fierce, full-of-life, friendly little girl.

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