Saturday, October 05, 2013

Soccer Saturdays

This season of life has been fun for us as Addison has entered into the world of team sports. Patrick and I both grew up playing sports, so when she expressed an interest in playing on a soccer team, we encouraged her and pursued it.

Williamson County has a top notch soccer association, and she was eligible to join the U5 league. She had participated in a soccer camp the summer before, so she had a ball, but we still needed to get her the rest of her gear, so we went to Academy Sports and got her the rest. We didn't know how she would do, if she would like it, or if she would do cartwheels and pick flowers, so we were looking for a deal. We found some--got her cleats for $6.99 and her bag for $3.97. Can't beat that! 

A few weeks later it was time for the soccer expo, and Ad was pumped to meet her team:

She loved practicing and playing all the creative games that soccer coaches come up with for little girls. Patrick was taking her to practice and helping out. He told me that she was doing well and having fun, but I had no idea what to expect for her first game.

Not only did she have a ball, but she scored 5 goals! My mouth was perpetually gaped open.

She had to miss a game because of Disney, and the next game was the day after her birthday, and it was more of the picking flowers variety, but today, she was back at it full force! And she was extra excited because her cousin came to watch. These are seriously two of the cutest soccer girls I have ever seen.

And these are two of the cutest fans--who wish they were out on the field themselves. 

Since Savannah and Addison's games were back to back, they got to watch each other, and then we celebrated with a Subway Lunch. My girls brought their Disney autograph books to show their cousins. Gotta keep that Disney love alive! ;)

It was a great day to celebrate soccer.

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