Friday, November 08, 2013

Halloween in Neverland

My girls couldn't decide who to be for Halloween this year, and I really didn't have an opinion either--they went from Alice to Ariel to Sofia to Cinderella to finally this: One night they were playing dress up, and they came down to my room like this, and they said, "This is it, Mom. This is us on Halloween. Wendy Darling and Tinkerbell." I thought: done! Then we watched Peter Pan, and I realized that Tinkerbell actually tries to kill Wendy, but I digress... Their adorableness trumped the creepiness... If they'd only let me be Peter Pan, we'd have had a trio, but, alas, they would not allow me to cross dress for our school party... so a hula girl it was for me again...
I usually LOVE Halloween, but this year I just wasn't feeling it for several different reasons. We did muster up enough gumption to Trunk or Treat though, and I am so glad we did.  Here are our girls before the amassing of more candy than I have ever seen:

Here they are adding to their collection:

And when they found their adorable Indian friends, Lane and Lauralee:

And as we were talking to our friends, I glanced over and saw them raiding their stash while popping a squat on the curb. At least Ansley found a safe candy to sneak! 

On Wednesday night, my Mom and Dad took the girls to Brentwood Hills' Trunk or Treat, and they were SO excited to get to trick-or-treat with their cousins!

 Then ON Halloween, our preschool had our annual costume parade. The kiddos are so adorable as they march around and wave at their parents. Addison and Ansley were talking about it in the back seat of the van, saying that they were in a parade like the ones at Disney World.

 After the parade, the teachers organized their class so the parents could snap a class photo, and since I was with my class during this time, I am thankful to Ashley and April for sending me these!
 Then the kiddos changed clothes and settled into a semi-normal school day. I caught Miss Beth reading to Ansley and her class.
 Trick-or-treating was cancelled for Thursday due to dangerous storms, so we settled in for one final viewing of all the Disney Junior Halloween episodes and a Jack-O-pizza from Papa Murphy's.

Keep reading to see Ansley's 3rd Birthday celebration.

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