Wednesday, November 06, 2013

8 years

On October 21, Patrick and I celebrated 8 years of marriage. I can't believe that 8 years ago we were doing this:

It really does feel like a dream. This was one of the most perfect days that I could have ever imagined, and each year when we pull out our pictures and video, I am so bewildered and so humbled that they represent my wedding day. Thanks, Mom and Dad. 

Marriage is hard, but marriage is bliss. In 8 years, we've definitely embraced the easy and the hard of our marriage vows: in good times and bad, for richer for poorer, in sickness and health... I am so thankful for the times that are hard because I know that those times stretch us as a couple and help us to know each other more intimately and more fully. Sure I wish that we could finally learn how to fight more fairly, but the hard times just make the good times, the rhythmic times, the ebb and flow times that much sweeter. I am thankful that Patrick is my resting place, that he calms my storms, that he challenges me, that he goes to Drs appointments and tests with me, prays over me, partners with me in raising our girls, and encourages my voice, my vision, and my dreams. I am so thankful for his courage to pursue is passions and his determination to be the head of our household. I love my husband.

8 years is worth celebrating, so we did!

Patrick took us to a new Nashville "hot spot"--Husk. It is a Charleston restaurant (added bonus in my low-country-lovin' heart) that just expanded by adding a Nashville location, and it is in the south of broad district. Most recently it was featured in Southern Living's October magazine, and the Charleston branch was mentioned in Dorothy Benton Frank's latest novel. Needless to say, we'd been wanting to try it for ages. Note to Nashvillians, if you want to eat there for dinner, make reservations a month in advance. The newness factor has certainly booked them solid, and I am so excited to see the success of such a unique establishment.  We loved everything we tried, but I must say that it took every bit of restraint that I have to keep myself from licking the plate of the buttermilk pie. I will order that every time that I go there.

 After devouring every single bite of our dinner, we headed over to Bridgemore Arena to hear Michael Buble in concert. Our honeymoon playlist included all of the songs for It's Time, and "Home" was our theme song--still is.

We had a lovely, romantic, remniscient walk down memory lane of our 8 years as man and wife. It would have been perfect if I had felt better, but at least I was with my best friend who understood.

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