Wednesday, August 31, 2005


I am almost officially in a funk. School has been back in session for 2 and a half weeks; I'm back in a routine of things; and I feel like the most boring person in the world. I haven't read anything interesting lately; I haven't written ANYTHING worthwhile; and all I do is teach school and write thank you notes. And to boot, I've gotten sick! I just bought 3 books off amazon in hopes of adding interest to myself. I keep thinking, once I get back to school, once I get married, once I am settled in a routine, THEN I will get my life together... If I don't watch it, I'll never progress. I'm just ranting now... In more important matters, I cannot stop watching the news on all the hurricane devestation. It is so humbling and almost overwhelming to realize what a vapor our life is really like. It's definitely making me less concerned with all of the meaningless details of my life and wanting to focus on more eternal matters. I am searching for my purpose at school. The kids I work with need love AND education. I daily get frustrated and even discouraged in my inability to give them either. I had to "write up" a student today for cursing in my class. He was so discouraged, and I hated doing it... I pray for strength, courage, and EN-couragement. I hope that in starting another day, it will be with fresh perspective and anti-funk-ness.

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