Monday, March 26, 2007


I have realized something about myself. I deal with stressful situations through denial. Then I freak out. It's why I am often messy, why I feel tired, why I procrastinate. Sometimes that's ok. Sometimes it's not. Right now it's not. I am realizing that much of my life is passing me by. I have quit being intentional with many things--and am just making it from one day to the next, which turns into one week to the next, months, and I am afraid, even years.

I don't want to live this way. God's word tells me that we are not promised more than this second. Why do I waste so much time? I have so many hopes, dreams, goals to accomplish. I am no closer to them than I was even a year ago.

I pledge today to live this one to the fullest. and the one after that. and the one after that. I have to start somewhere.


Anonymous said...

Wow- It's crazy how your words are exactly what I feel about my own life all too often. Stress, worry, fear, whatever, cause me to not enjoy life and live it to the fullest. I think Satan takes full advantage of that and he knows that's where we're weak. I needed that challenge today too. Thanks!

Lerra said...

I needed this right now! Thanks!! :-)

Jesse Faris said...

I'm right there with ya girl, as mostly usual! I am REALLY looking forward to my KDC Retreat this weekend! :)