Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Methods of Organization

So, what kind of planner do you use--if you even use one? Are you the techno-savy Blackberry user... the creative calendar/portfolio stuffer... or the organized list maker? What types of things do you put in your planner? Does it go with you all the time or have a designated place--your desk, kitchen counter, car, etc? I'm really curious to hear any thoughts out there because...

I LOVE planners. This year I haven't found a personal planner that I've been thrilled about, and as a result, I have failed to record many of the happenings of 2008 thus far--truly sad for me. I think I've had a difficult time settling into one this year because I require a lot in my ideal organizer--a composite of a monthly glance, weekly glance, place to make grocery lists, book and movie lists, and a place to stuff favorite cards, quotes, lists, pictures. While I think Blackberries are cool and anticipate making the switch at some point, I still function best by hand-writing my things down. I love color-coding things with fun pens, and I remember things better if I have physically written them somewhere.

For school, my lesson planner calendar is this:

I like it because I can plan both of my preps out on the same weekly glance. There are inspiring teacher-y quotes. Jim Burke loves English teachers. There is a place to write out personal goals, professional goals, a "word for the week," and tips for teachers and teaching. There is also a monthly calendar and a place to write reflections about what has gone on that month--always a good place for venting.

In this lesson planner, I stuff copies of funny student responses, notes from faculty meetings, rubrics for current essays or projects, encouraging words from teacher friends and students, and extra-good writing that I get from students. It is a true culmination of my day's work. If you are interested in this organizer or any of Jim Burke's products you can order them here.

For personal use, random lists, quotes, funny things I see, responses to sermons, books, or conversations, I usually use my moleskine:

I prefer the ruled version so that I can write neatly, but several of my artistic friends enjoy the unruled version for sketches and such. I like the moleskine because it fits easily into whatever purse or bag I happen to be carrying.

My friend Britani inspired me this weekend with her cool planner, and it is worth looking into. In fact, you can buy one of your own here.

I like it because it is leather like a journal, has my monthly and weekly requirements, and actually has pages earmarked for book lists and movies lists, and all the other things aforementioned. Here are some pictures:

I think I might order one now! Happy Planning!


Cary said...

Google Calendar is what organizes my life. I get an email at the beginning of every day with the entire day's agenda, plus automatic text message reminders about important things. I can manage three calendars in one place (personal, job, and public ministry calendar that automatically updates on the ministry website). It's pretty much perfect. :-)

Lori said...

i LOVE planners!! but unfortuantely, i usually love the huge ones that aren't realistic to carry, so i don't take one at all. :( but, my latest trend has been to use one of those really thin calendars and slip it into my purse...along with my stash of cool colored pens...to color coat everything! it's my fave! and i got a teeny-tiny little mead notebook to carry in my purse...to write down random prayer requests or scriptures or thoughts to chew on. oh the joys of organization!

oh...and i did the palm pilot thing for a while...but i enjoy colors and handwritten things too much to completely switch over. :)

Lori said...

heehee...i just said color coat instead of color code. hooray for brain lapses!

Heather said...

OK, K-risty: I did have a handheld Compaq computer when I was trying to be cool in grad school, but it so wasn't for me...couldn't flip pages open, couldn't use colored pens, couldn't add multitudes of sticky notes...so I'm back to a Franklin Covey-style planner that I got--you guess it--at Target! I should show you sometime...I like it. Has room for lists and notes and addresses...and pockets for pictures or cards...plus, they sell the refills for next year. I keep separate notebooks for "Health" and "Home" to collect ideas and clippings related to those topics. And Briley and I have little notebooks like your moleskin--one for trips we want to take, one for date night ideas...I love great minds that think alike!

Tiffany Norris said...

Oh, I hear ya. This has become sort of a science/obsession with me. I love planners, but I, too, have high standards. I hope you like your new one!
Here's my unbelievably long comment...
I used to have separate planners for work stuff and home stuff, but this year my husband convinced me to give up the work one and go electronic. I hated my Palm Pilot, but I love Outlook. Google's calendar is awesome, too. I still put some work stuff in my personal planner, but I try not to cheat too much. :)
My home planner's brand name is Burde. I like it because it's spiral-bound (opens easily), has plenty of writing room for daily and weekly stuff, has pockets, snaps closed and is still thin enough to fit in my purse.
Again, I'm sorry for the post-within-a-post.

Supabloggasuprememama said...

oooo! im gonna have to order one!!!

Sarah Armstrong said...

I am contemplating the switch to a digital planner, but am still not sure I can do it. I have been using a Daytimer planner since I was in high school. I love it. You can order to your own specifications (even with certain designs, etc.) but I prefer the tabbed month-at-a-glance calendar, as well as the week-at-a-glance calendar as well. I am really that obsessive...I write things twice - once on the month calenar and once on the week spot. :)

Lindsey said...

Hey Kristy! After hearing about some great reviews on self tanner from Amy I thought I would check your blog out! Hope you are doing well! How are you feeling? Hope to see you at Bunco!

RJTrue said...

I like planners. But I don't use them.

Hm ... teacher of the year??


I'll get you a plain notebook!

Kristy said...

I ordered mine, and it just came in yesterday. I spent three hours last night organizing to organize! It was awesome--I am already obsessed! In this planner there are book/movie lists, party/entertainment planning pages, financial record pages... it just keeps getting better! :)

And, Becky, last time I checked, your Jim Burke planner was masterfully planned out... oh, wait?!? :)

RJTrue said...

I always SAY it's updated and that I just don't have it on me. Girl, you know I don't even know where that thing is!!

Dani said...

I love my Burde planners and have been using them for years. Always got them at Barnes and Noble but can't find them anymore. WHERE can I find them -- I'll be lost!

Dianne Garrett said...

Hi all. I love my planner..in fact...it's my own invention. I invented it about 10 years of living the no-so-perfect planner life.

It's uniquely organized and does not let you live in clutter of old information. Not only do you plan how to spend your time (appointments), but you also record you annual goals and annual purchasesm, todo's, and projects. The goals and purchases and and todos and project items then convert into time action items along with your appointments. I'm in love with my SMARTPlanner. Contact me at drg@dgarrettcommunications for purchasing one.