Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Questions I'm Considering...

When is imitation NOT the highest form of flattery?

With the full acknowledgement that there is nothing new under the sun--that everything has been said, done, experienced, thought, etc. by someone before you, how is it possible to maintain uniqueness and individuality?

For example, I love decorating and personalizing my house with my unique flea market finds to reflect what Patrick and I are interested in and our sense of style. Admittedly, I get good paint colors, ideas about spacing and color combinations from Pottery Barn magazines, creative design blogs that I peruse, and sometimes even from my mom's house. However, my ultimate goal is to try to make it "us."

I love choosing clothes and making fashion decisions that are unique as well--trying to "pull things off" that sometimes I'm successful with and other times not-so-much. Of course I find inspirations from Anthropologie and JJill, but would I ever copy a friend's wardrobe from head to toe? I really hope not...

Another thing is names... Unless you completely make up a name by combinations of names like Kristrick or Patsty, or use bizarre spellings, hasn't every child's name been used at least once in all existence. Yet, it is still such a paramount decision because in choosing a name for a baby or child, you are giving that child its first sense of identity. After we named our baby girl, she has completely shaped into her name as far as we've been concerned. Many people over the years have used Addison and Camille in their names--Camille was my middle name that my parents chose for me. Can we "claim" those as hers/ours--as a part of her individuality? Of course not!


RJTrue said...

Yes! It's absolutely okay to be a little (or a lot!) annoyed and ticked off.

Kimberly said...

This one is a hard one for me. I have always been against claiming a name as your own and being possessive about it. I know people that claim their baby's name before even being pregnant and then getting furious with someone who is pregnant, knows what they are having, and chooses that name. When I was pregnant with Henry, my step-sister asked me what I was going to name him. When I told her, I saw a very disappointed look on her face. Later she told me that if she and her husband ever have a boy, they are going to name him Henry. Obviously, I still named him Henry after she told me that, and I am not aware of it if she got mad at me. As far as I know, if she has a boy she will still name him Henry. That will be weird because my mom and step-dad will have two grandchildren named Henry. However, I can’t get mad because, they had the name picked out a log time ago, and it is a family name for them. It would be weird also to have another Henry Mann around the same age that he would grow up going to church with or going to school with.

Sarah Armstrong said...

Not crazy at all in my opinion. This situation actually came up recently with Turner's name...which is a family name for me. I admit, it ticked me off just a little. :) Glad to know I am not alone!! Thought of you tonight when I rode past the Mansion and saw girls sitting on the porch in the refreshingly cool weather. :) Hope you are great!!

Tiffany Norris said...

I think you have every right to be ticked off!
Now that most of my friends are having babies, I have wondered about this same situation because Jason and I have had names picked out for our hypothetical kids since we got married. We have several choices, though, so if a close friend chooses one of "our" names, we have a back-up.
(I can't believe I've put this much thought into it, and we have no kids even on the horizon.)

Kristy said...

Thanks for your thoughts, affirmations, and insights so far, friends! :) I just wanted to clarify my question a little. Like you, Kimberly, I think it is ridiculous to "claim" a name--especially before a pregnancy occurs. My thoughts are centered around the idea of the called name and the last name being the same among children who are born around the same time, same grade, similar circles--is there a warrant to be a bit annoyed...?

Katie said...

I would be annoyed, Kristy. Especially if the person has the same last name! That's just frustrating.

Also, I liked what you said about decorating... I LOVE pottery barn! Unfortunately I haven't really had time to fix up the house yet and make it more "personalized," but I'm getting there!

Also, how do you like Velvet Elvis? I loved it!

LeslieJerkins said...

i know im a little late posting on this one....

but, weird.

totally justifiable annoyance

Supa said...

I'm very late on this post and really wish I'd seen it sooner. I think that some things should be held special and sanctimonious, apart from others. like childrens names. It annoys me when every name in the book suddenly rhymes with Aiden's. I thought I was being original when I picked it out three years ago, and low and behold, here we are. Number one for 2007.

I think you should respect the wishes of others who have "claimed a name" if they have specific rights to it. Say, if its a family name.I think that trumps your desire to simply name your kid that. I do think you should respect it. Sorry, but its just weird to snatch up a name when it is special to someone else, due to a family member. Now that would be the only reason to claim one. Other than that, if you don't have kids yet, and its NOT a family name, then its a free for all. I had someone use my last name for their child's middle name, and then "give me permission" to still use it on my future child. I didn't care, but I didn't need permission either, seeing as how it was mine in the first place.

OR, and this is TOTALLY hypothetical, say, if your husband designs a special engagement ring just for you, after you've been dating for three years, and the big event you've been waiting for all your life is coming up. The ring is awesome and totally original, completely admired by others. You've never seen another one like it. Then, you recommend the jeweler to some random acquaintance dude, who runs in the same circles as you, socially, getting him a wonderful discount. Doing HIM a FAVOR.



I kind of think that would never be a compliment but an ignorant insult, causing a complete stain of a memory on your otherwise perfect wedding and engagement days, all because someone was a bit WHITE TRASH about their decision to be completely unoriginal. Just like everything else they do.

I THINK THAT would be a bit over the line.

But I'm being totally hypothetical. If that were to happen, I hope the white trash copycats always look at their ring and remember who really picked it out.

Special, huh?