Friday, November 14, 2008

Beautiful Stationer

I love paper. When I was a little girl, my friend Susan brought me a birthday present to my house one afternoon. I unwrapped a stack of colored notebook paper and giggled with glee. I used it to write my PeanutLand Stories starring Popsy Peanut for the "Christina, Kristy, Katie, Inc." writing company that I co-founded. {We wrote and sold our stories at our lemonade stands and at church... Thanks, Mr. Charles, for buying so many!}

My love for paper has only grown over the years. From unique stationery to giftwrap to journals and planners to books to invitations, it has remained one of my greatest passions. :) When getting married, the decision I spent the most time on and had the strongest opinions about was my invitations. When hosting a party, I always volunteer to do the invitations. After giving birth to Addison, I searched and searched for the perfect announcement to send to our family.

My friend from college Katie has a business called Micah and Me and uses her graphic design education to create beautiful stationery. She custom made my announcements, and I LOVE them. If you are in the market for some fine paper, you need to definitely check her out!


Shannon and Andrew said...

Kristy, found you blog after checking out Katie's. The invitations are gorgeous and so is Addy. Congratulations!! Shannon (Boothe) Reagan

Cary said...

I still have an old file on my computer for "Kristy Dean" greeting cards. :-)

Jesse Faris said...

Love them. Love her. Love you!

Supabloggasuprememama said...

Katie is very talented! she's fabulous! love the announcements.