Saturday, October 16, 2010

Some of our fall fun!

Fall has been so eventful for our family--it seems like we have been trying to squeeze in as many memories as we can as a family of 3 before we hibernate this winter with our new addition. Fall has been a season of Birthdays! Addison's friends Olivia and Avery just celebrated theirs. (And next we'll have Ansley, Savannah, Dad, Patrick, and Granddaddy--what a wild time!)

Wren and I have become such good friends as our oldest girls are a month a part and our youngest will also be about a month apart. When she was a month away from having Molly, she pulled off the cutest Dora-themed party for Olivia's second birthday--complete with party stations with each major character's water activity.
A week after Addison's party, we went to celebrate Avery's 4th birthday at Pump it Up. It was our first experience here, and Addison absolutely loved it!
We got to meet Poppy Mae Blackburn, and Addison got to play with her buddy Oliver! Kevin and Brit had 2 family reunions up our way, and we enjoyed spending the free moments of their weekend with them staying with us!
Patrick and I celebrated with our friends Lauren and Paschall as they celebrated their new marriage on 10.10.10 with a wedding feast. They are both organic farmers who met when Paschall came to check out Lauren's farm and have enjoyed a whirlwind romance grounded in their down-to-earth foundations. In addition to selling to Cisco, they also have a booth at the Franklin Farmer's Market called "A Tale of Two Farms." Everything about their wedding farm feast was classy, organic, and sophisticated. The exquisite organic dishes messed with Patrick's and my digestive systems, but it was a night we will talk about for quite some time!
Us on a date--me 36.5 weeks pregnant
My Bunco girls as we were eating hors d'oeuvres before the big feast
the entrance

the buffet that lead to finding our table assignments
the dinner tent
another shot of my friends
the wedding favor that was left in our cars. How cool is that???

Last week my sweet friends at work showered Ansley with more diapers, wipes, tutus, and monogramming. I love my friends and their thoughtfulness.
our after school snacks
Some of the girls--with Addison and Jack pillow-fighting off to the side...
Addison helping me open some presents.

It has been a fun time for celebrating where we are and preparing for all that is to come! God is blessing us in special ways.

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