Monday, May 30, 2011

Is she or isn't she? Can she or can't she?

So, we've officially started trying cereal...
and the questionable diapers are back... TMI, right. Who wants to talk about poop? Well, poor Patrick, my mom and sis, and my closest friends have probably had more of these types of convos than they ever care to have again... Bless her. She loves eating, and her system could just be changing or her up-and-coming teeth could be playing a role (I mean, we don't ever deal with things in isolation... Who does, though?) OR her body could just be rejecting it as an allergen. The good news is there has been no rash, no breathing problems, no vomiting, so we will hope it is an immature digestive system.

Regardless, move over rice cereal, we are trying baby oatmeal next. On deck are sweet potatoes and squash. We are going to find some things this sweet little girl can eat, and I am determined to have fun and be hopeful trying. Thanks for your thoughts, prayers, and emailed tips regarding my last post! Happy Memorial Day!

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McKinney Madness said...

Girl, there is not poop, snot, or vomit story that grosses me out these days. I feel your pain on poop and teething. I never know whether she's sleepy, in pain from teething, gassy, etc. I hope that things go well with the oatmeal, squash, and sweet potatoes. I'm hoping to do a better job of catching up on blogs now that summer is here. Hope you guys continue to do well!