Monday, January 30, 2012

"The Januaries"

This month is usually the hardest for me, and this year has proven no different. I don't know why it's hard? Maybe it just begins the longest stretch of time that the carrots dangling with fun things to look forward seem so far away in the distance... Anyway I refer to this time of year as "The Januaries..."

We have remedied this month by trying to plan things--dinner parties, play dates, national championships, birthdays, and we have enjoyed spending time with our friends and families. The exciting newness of my Canon Rebel from Christmas 2009 has unfortunately worn off, and most of our fun times have gone undocumented, but here are some of this month's highlights:

Our family experienced a 3rd straight national championship victory! Uncle Steven came over for a taco soup/guacamole supper celebration!

We've enjoyed hanging around the house

(these were a Sunday morning before church).

And the most documentation comes from Becky's bridal tea that I co-hosted with some of my best friends at my house yesterday. She is having a travel-themed wedding, and we attempted to tie in that for her tea.

My friend Karen made this super cool map wreath! I want one made of book pages!

She racked up, don't you think!?!

We sure could use a good snow!

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