Friday, April 08, 2016

Star Wars Family Dinner Night

Today was one of those days... I needed to clean bathrooms and wash clothes and check off lots of other boxes on my to do list, but none of those things happened because I got a wild hair... And THIS:

The Force Awakens was released this week, and my guy surprised his Star Wars-obsessed girls with it. We have a "Pizza Movie Friday" that we try to stick to whenever we are able. This week was long and hard and busy and fun, and I just thought a little extra oomph might add some fun to a relaxing night at home. I scrolled through Pinterest for some inspiration and then got to work.

Our beverage choices:
*Yoda's Soda
*Jedi Juice
*Luke Sky-Water
Our main dish was Padme's Pizza...
Our sides were fruit Light Saber Skewers, and you had to choose light side or dark side...
Princess Lays and Falcon Ship dip...
And what movie is complete without Padawan's Popcorn? We finished it off with Chewy's Gooey Brownies...
And I have 2 excited girls and 1 excited guy who are ready for the force...

And it's totally worth it.

Happy Friday, and may the force be with you!

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