Sunday, March 26, 2006

Top Ten List: Spring Break 2006

So, Spring Break is officially over. My reality check has set in, and I return to 130 students at Lee High School tomorrow. Deep sigh... This has been the 1st Spring Break since 8th grade that I have not been beach-bound. That's 13 beach trips in a row until this year. A big chunk of my Spring Break has been spent getting over being sick and looking over research rough drafts. I did have a little bit of fun, and here's my top ten list:

10. March Madness: Although my teams (Duke and UNC) fell out in an untimely manner, it has been nice to watch some good basketball. This tournament has been full of upsets and Cinderella stories, and that always adds excitement, but it's safe to say that most brackets are messed up at this point. I jumped on the Memphis bandwagon for awhile, but with their loss last night and UConn's today, I'm out. I guess my SEC loyalties kick in at this point, and all I can say is "Geaux Tigers" and "Get 'em Gators."

9. My Space-- The first weekend of my Spring Break I spent couchbound as I was still coughing with every breath, and I succumbed to the My Space pressure. I caged my interest with wanting to connect with Landmark kids, but I was quickly sucked into the abysmal plethora of searching for old friends, music groups, etc. It is hilarious to laugh at what people will put out there. My most intriguing friends at this point are Moana from the Bachelor, Imogen Heap, and two of my students, A Dwelling Place for Demons and the Urban Purkfektionist. Yes, scary, I know. After a weekend of OD-ing, my interest has tapered off, but my good friend Ashley Mills keeps sparking my interest with her cool page! FYI: I heard that employers are searching MySpace to search about potential employees, so be careful...

8. Cooking and Cleaning: After a long hiatus, I am trying to regain my identity as a functioning wife. No more take-out, no more mess. I deep cleaned the house and cooked two good meals for Patrick and me. Man, I hope it takes this time as I enter the real world again tomorrow.

7. Movie Catch-up: I finally watched "Walk the Line" and the new "Pride and Prejudice." Both were excellent and come with a high recommendation from me.

6. Reading for Pleasure: Most of my reading is "Reading to teach" as I prepare for school and "Reading to Learn" as I read my Bible and spiritual literature. This week I decided to read for me. I read Judith McNaught's new book which was a suspence/romance/escape book. I also read my Southern Living, Reader's Digest, and Marriage magazines, caught up on the newspapers, and caught up on everyone's blogs.

5. The Flea Market: Nashville has the best flea market that I've ever been to. I was very thrilled be in town for the monthly event and to go with the expert, my mom. I found great deals and purchased several baby gifts, goodies for me, and Lindsay's birthday present.

4. Nashville Restaurants: While visiting the fam, I dined at some of my favorites: Green Hills Grille (has the best spinach dip and fruit tea ever), Merede's (in Franklin square, yummy chicken salad), Rotiers (West End by my dad's office, greasy cheeseburgers on french bread and the best milkshakes ever), and the Puffy Muffin (a girl favorite).

3. Grey's Anatomy: Mom bought the first season, and we watched it in its entirety in between basketball games. I, personally, got hooked into the show during the second season, but the first season is excellent and makes me anxious to keep watching. My favorite part is the Felicity-like narration by Meredith and the quotes/proverbs that she reflects on.

2. Going Home: It had been 2 and a half months since I had been home to visit my family. It felt so good. It made me miss them even more though, and it made me strongly consider wanting to make the move north in future years. While home, I got to spend some good time with Mom, Lindsay, Dad, Daniel, and Sadie. I also got to eat a pre flea market breakfast with Grandmama and Aunt J. I planned on visiting with Lia and Kelly and Katie, but with my lingering cough and low energy level, I laid low.

1. Going to Church: Today was my first time in church doors in 3 weeks. I didn't even realize it until this morning as I was flipping through my note-taking journal. I haven't not been to church on purpose (although many of you who know me know that I have been struggling with buying in to "church" and "organized religion" as we've made it)--it was out-of-town trips, Patrick being sick, me being sick, Jesse's wedding, etc. At first, I got discouraged because despite my lack of interest, I know that being a part of God's family is integral to my spiritual growth as well as my contribution to the kingdom. I was also sad to realize that my lack of church attendance has really paralleled my lack of worship of God in my personal life. I stopped and asked myself, how have I been praising God in my life? I needed to reflect on that. I needed to praise God this morning because He is amazing. This morning my attitude was better. I really believe that God has worked through my church break to change my heart, to take away some bitterness, and to remind me of my purpose on this earth. It felt good.

If you made it all the way through this, thanks for reading. Have a great week!


Jen said...



I should post a "what I did" too. Mine isn't nearly as cool as yours...

See you tomorrow. (Groan)

LeslieJerkins said...

Good for you to Read for yourself every once in a while. Did you read as much in the latter part of your engagement?

JesseFaris said...


Supabloggasuprememama said...

Hey man! thanks for the shout out on the myspace page!!! i love how that came right before FYI potential employers....but yeah I was looking at all your peeps the other day. Is "shes a dwelling place for demons" in your yg?? craziness. love the new background. I want to see WTL and P&P too. I need to go rent some movies. (sigh) Hope you are feeling better and we need to walk this week!

lindsay meek said...

Hey Kris!
It was great to see you this past weekend. I really miss you being so close. By the way, I started the Judith McNaught book today and am already hooked. When I finish it, we need to talk. I loved seeing Meredith Bancroft and Matthew Farrell's names. Ahh... Paradise! Love you tons.

Katie said...

Kristy, I found your blog! Long story. Anyhow, I'm so excited that you have one and I really enjoyed this entry. One day we need to get together. I would love to catch up!
-Katie Highfield
p.s. I heard you did awesome at girl's retreat! I hate I had to miss it!