Saturday, June 09, 2007

Locks of Love

So after months of postponement, I finally made the big cut and sent 101/2 inches of my mane to Locks of Love. It was time. Probably past time--I was to the point where I felt like a granola girl, and I was having constant headaches from the weight of my ponytail. It was quite an experience, and I took a few pictures to document the event...

BEFORE: I put my hair into 5 ponytails all around my face, and Tanya cut each one of them at a time. It was nerve-wracking, but she is the one person who I trust to do such a drastic thing.
DURING: This is just one of the 5 ponytails... AFTER: holding my hair.


Jen said...

That is so cool. You look fantastic...and so happy! New hair, new house, new job, new life! Wow!

Lerra said...

I can't believe you cut off 10 1/2 inches & still have that much length! I'm impressed...and a little inspired. :-)

Cristin Claire said...

Wow, that's amazing! You look sooo cute, and just in time for summer. Props to you for sticking with it. You are going to make some child very happy:)

Supabloggasuprememama said...

woohoooooooo! yeah im not doing that.

LeslieJerkins said...

ch ch ch changes.... I did Locks o' Love last year and man, it was scary! But I had way less length than you afterwards. Great job!

Jodie J said... was so good tohear from you! I have missed seeing your sweet, smiling face but have completely enjoyed being home. I know you understand. :)I've been reading your blog and can't believe how much there is to catch up on. Congratulations on your your new house, new job and new hairstyle. I'm so excited for you! We must keep in touch. God's speed on this wonderful adventure we call life. :)

Jesse Faris said...

1. Love the haircut! I am such a fan of summer cuts. I'll bet it feels awesome to be free of all of that extra length! You look so cute!

2. I am major out of the loop, except not (ha) because I've been reading your blog and looking at facebook pics. (Isn't that fake sense of caught-up-ness weird?) So I need to talk to you about all of this stuff going on in your life!! So exciting!

3. LOVE LOVE LOVE the house! It is so awesome!

4. Yard sale: Briefly in steps:
(a) Designate an area in your house that you will pull things to that are going in the sale.
(b) Go through your attic, closets, boxes that moved with you and have still never been opened. Be ruthless.
(c) Make posters (mention popular sale items such as clothing! appliances! furniture!) and put them up (staple gun is best for wood, but duct tape works for metal) in high-traffic areas around your neighborhood. (If your neighborhood isn't very high-traffic, consider asking a friend who's in a better location to help you host the sale there.) Depending on the weather, put them up Thurs or Fri before a Saturday sale.
(c) DO NOT price everything. Just drag it all out superearly on the morning of your sale, but put it in categories (appliances, clothes, knicknacks, books, etc). You can put up a sign at your sale for certain items you have a lot of (Books = $1, Pants = $3, etc). For everything else, just make up a price on the spot when someone asks you. It's kind of a fun game to guess what someone would pay for your stuff. ha!

Soooo...I just finished typing all of that I don't even know if you had your sale already! (You know me...I just got on a roll!) If you have, I hope it turned out great and maybe this advice can help one of your readers...ha!

Man, I need to call you soon and catch up! I miss you and I'm excited that you'll be halfway closer to me soon!

Jesse Faris said...

PS: Can I just tell you how excited I am about the upcoming Harry P book? (Also kind of dreading it too, because I can't believe it's ending!) We should go on vaca just for the purpose of reading the whole thing in a weekend. :)

tdn said...

I'm impressed with the length you have left, too! I did that a couple of years ago, and my hair was scary short.
By the way, Jesse...I don't know you, but thanks for the yard sale tips. I'm having one in a couple of weeks, and I never thought of pricing as you go! That will save tons of trouble.

Jamey said...

You're hair is beautiful still. Someone is going to be very lucky to get your 'locks.'

I love your house too! It's so great!

Kelley said...

I love your new haircut!!! It looks great!

Julie said...

Hey Kristy! I was so excited to find you blog! That's so great that you are moving back-I tlaked to Lindsay and she's so glad to have you close again-Hope everything goes smoothly. Look forward to seeing you soon!