Friday, June 01, 2007

Dead Weight

In response to my friend Jen's challenge and my tentative moving date (June 21 with sale pending inspection), I have decided to chunk the dead weight. I mentioned in a previous post that I am a pack rat. Yesterday, I threw away* sweaters that I hadn't worn in years, old magazines and invoices, some cassette mixes, a clock left at the house by previous owners, and pictures/posters that haven't been on the wall since I lived in a dorm room.

Today, my task is to throw away Maggie's toys that she has ripped stuffing out of...( I've had to face the simple truth that I'm NOT going to sew them back together... nice idea, right?!), clean out drawers, and trash some of my "collectible" cards (of the thank you note, Easter, St. Patrick's day genre...).

Although I'm having to MAKE myself go through this process, it actually feels good--even sort of freeing. The motivating factors for me are, "Do I REALLY want to pack this on a truck and move it 4 hours away?" and "Where the heck am I going to put all this stuff in my next house?"

What's weighing you down that you should chunk?

*Goodwill, Salvation Army, or Missions Bin at church... still pondering.


Supabloggasuprememama said...

omgah you havent thrown away your sweaters yet? cause not to be a packrat, which really is essential with myself as an artist and everything, so I term myself as an anal artist, as I am neat, but I want to start making purses out of old sweaters...and before you gawk...I saw this really super cool design on DIY's crafters coast to coast, (im a loser)and this girl makes her purses out of old sweaters and they are really cute. k ill explain more lata...dont throw them out yet!

moving is always a cleansing process for me. thats my fave thing about it. i just chunk and chunk and chunk until the next time I go to work on something and wonder where the heck I put that purple rubber band...I know it was here somewhere..

are you back yet? still want me friday??

Heather said...

I am such a packrat. It's so hard for me to throw anything away. I had to do the same thing when we moved and believe me, you'll be so glad you did!

Lerra said...

Oooh...I want a purse made from an old sweater!!

I'm a pack rat too. Moving helps with that, though. :-)

Jesse Faris said...

Purses from old sweaters! Genius!