Friday, July 27, 2007

Dressy Casual

These were the words used to describe appropriate attire for my reunion tomorrow night. Isn't that some sort of oxymoron? The venue is a nice Golf club. The time is 6:30. The agenda is dinner, DJ, reminiscing... What would you wear? What does "dressy casual" mean in term of your wardrobe? Do you go classic or trendy? How do you achieve the effortless grace that one would hope to emanate for such an occasion? HA! Seriously, this has slipped up on me. When you really don't care and time has run out, how do you pull off an acceptable look? What would/did you wear?

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Lerra said...

Hmmm...usually dressy casual to me means slacks & a nice shirt. But considering the event, I would probably wear a cute skirt & top, or a dress. But I'm probably giving advice a little too late to even affect your decision. :-)