Thursday, November 26, 2009

Day of Thanksgiving

I just posted some new pictures to Facebook, but I couldn't resist posting a few on here too. We celebrated this Thanksgiving holiday enjoying a restful day of good food, good conversation, and good entertainment from our two youngest family members. We shared at dinner all that we are thankful for. 2009 has been a year I will not soon forget, although I'll not be sad to leave it behind, but God has blessed me and my family. He is good.Just minutes after we took our family picture, we found out that Addison was/is running a high fever. Little girl didn't even let us know. The momma in me is trying not to worry, but if you would, please pray for her to get better quickly!

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Holly said...

What sweet pictures. Love Addison's little turkey dress. too cute. Hope she's better fast!