Monday, November 30, 2009

through the eyes of my child

Even though this is Addison's second Christmas, it feels like her first since she is so aware of her surroundings this year. She is obsessed with our Christmas tree. She wakes up in the morning asking for the "tratra tree," and she giggles, runs in place, and claps every time I turn the lights on. She loves to point out all of the "bawls," and then she names the specific things in her eyesight. We brought out some of my oldies and goodies this year, and we bought a couple just for her too. This is a glimpse of what she sees--the ornaments that we strategically placed in her view.
Dora, and Elmo, of course. Her current obsessions...
Auburn and Alabama. Her lifelong tension--all in good fun, of course.
Aubie, Mickey, Cinderella, and Smurfette. Some of Mommy's more "vintage" decor.

I am already loving Christmas this year!

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Supabloggasuprememama said...

no. NO DORA! Emerson is already obsessed. STOP the craziness! she and diego entrance both my children. hope you are doing well. we need to catch up. congrats to lindsay! I just heard to ya soon