Friday, January 14, 2011

Cabin Fever Crazies

This is what we have been up to in this snow-filled week:

1. Potty Training

Unfortunately, this picture turned out blurry. Thankfully I captured this potty dance with the video camera too. Friday afternoon when I went to get Miss Priss up from her nap, she had taken off her diaper because it was wet and then proceeded to wet the bed. That sent me into motion. I had been putting of potty training for awhile, trying to let things level out around our house with all of the changes. This incident was the push I'd been needing, and I went into fast motion. I ran out to Books-A-Million and bought Toilet Training in Less than a Day. Published in 1974, it is a tried and true method and was recommended by many friends. I sped-read that and put it with the info I had read from Potty Training in 3 Days or Less.

Saturday was the day! Both methods strongly suggest practice and rewards, so we woke up, put on her big girl panties and tshirt, made up a potty dance, pumped her full of juice and waited... for 3 and a half hours... It was a battle of the wills, but finally when she couldn't handle it any more, she ran to her potty, said, "I need some privacy," shut the door, and peed in her potty! Patrick and I looked at each other, dropped our jaws, and mouthed, "Seriously? Who knew?"

She has had a couple of accidents [a few at my parents... she'd be on her way and go before she got there... too much football excitement!], but we have been accident free since Tuesday afternoon. Church and school will be a test, but she is doing great and is so proud of herself! We are still using pullups at night, but she's woken up dry the last 3 mornings. Mommy is POOPED!

2. Finding her thumb.

Just like her daddy. :)

3. Starting Children's Worship at church.

She loved it and has been singing the songs all week.

4. Donning new bonnets at church

5. Cheering on Auburn in the National Championship [even Patrick] and loving every minute of it! All we do is win...

Loving my littlest champion!

6. Playing in the snow

It was beautiful, and we had fun, but I am ready to get out of the house for sure!


April said...

Hi! Love the new pics. I actually borrowed those books from my mom, so I don't have them. They are worth reading though!

McKinney Madness said...

I'm impressed! I'll have to remember those books you mentioned for a couple of years from now when ST starts potty training. Glad it's gone rather smoothly for ya'll!

Holly-- The Storm Chaser said...

I'm soooo ready for SPRING! Those girls are too cute.