Wednesday, January 05, 2011

My Beautiful Mess and her Big Bad Wolf

This beautiful girl...

is as much of a mess as the pictures below suggest.

And her current obsession is STILL with the Big Bad Wolf.

Typical conversations include him, and many times each day, she says, "Hey Mom. You know the Big Bad Wolf? Well, he's gonna get me. He's gonna blow me down."

Innocently, my dad read her the story of the 3 Little Pigs. Let's just say it stuck.

Even after a myriad of reassurances that the Big Bad Wolf doesn't live at our house or even know where we live, we still have to check under her bed, in her closet, and in our attic closets for the Big Bad Wolf; we pray for the Big Bad Wolf; she even sings about the BBW. The other night, she adlibbed the Elmo Loves You song, and sang, "Elmo loves the Big Bad Wolf; Elmo loves Big Bird too. But most of all, Elmo loves you!"

She even asked Jaydee and Bear to take that piggie book away...

Today tops it all.

Little Mess had to take off her Belle dress and go to Time Out for disobeying Mommy. She jumped from the couch to the ottoman one too many times. When I asked her if she knew why she was in Time Out, she responded by shrugging her shoulders, hanging her head, and saying, "Yeah, Mommy. I disobeyed God. I can't go to the garden. (We recently read her about Adam and Eve.) And he's the big boss. And then Mommy is the boss. And then I'm the little boss," smiling ever-so-sweetly. Then, she continued somberly, "But God, you see, he will protect me. He will still protect me from the Big Bad Wolf. The Big Bad Wolf wants to come in here and blow Time Out down... Yeah. So, sorry mom. Sorry I jumped on the couch. I'll obey you now."

Lesson Learned. Thanks to the Big Bad Wolf?


McKinney Madness said...

That... is... absolutely... priceless. How do you keep a straight face?! I love the picture of her with the tuto on!!

Jan said...

So Wynn has the same obession. She says the big bad wolf is in time out in egypt. She also checks to see if any house she goes in is brick or not.

Holly-- The Storm Chaser said...

How funny! Love the tutu with the boots.

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