Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Things I am Learning... and How I am Thriving...

in this dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free world!

I was going to title this ways I am "surviving," but that sounds so negative. "Thriving" is definitely a stretch, but I am choosing to put a positive Pollyanna spin on this.

As we continue to battle these food allergies with Ansley and I continue to nurse, I am finding more people come out of isolation and am thankfully building a community of allergic moms. Emails and help and tips have been so appreciated, so I thought I would document some of my staple items here.

1. (1.A.) Silk or So Delicious Vanilla Coconut Milk. It is really good. Sweet and fresh and while it doesn't have the protein of cow's milk, it does have 2x the calcium. (Sidenote: Humans are the only species that drink milk after being weaned from our mothers. Makes you think and wonder a little bit, doesn't it?)

1.B. So Delicious even has a coconut milk coffee creamer... 1.C. AND Ice Cream. The Mint Chocolate kind is my favorite! Thank you!

2. Kabobs. I have never been a meat and potatoes girl. I've been a "fill-up-on-bread" and "bring-on-the-pasta" kind of eater, and "the more cheese, the better." Well, my current favorite summer meal consists of meat and vegetables, a lite marinade, and a hot grill. With a side of sweet potato fries, I am filled to the brim.

3. Puffins Cereal. I have had the peanut butter and cinnamon flavor, and both are yummy. Add some fresh berries and coconut milk, and I am full until lunch! I am especially thankful for this find because I have learned that breakfast is when I have the most limited options.

4. Bob's Red Mill. I have always loved their rolled oats, but I am now especially loving their gluten free bread mixes. After my one baking experience into the gluten free world, I will just leave it to the mixes that Good ole' Bob provides. So far, I have had the biscuits, cinnamon raisin, and potato bread kinds. All have been yummy!

5. Earth Balance spread. The dairy and soy free kind. This wasn't around when I was nursing Addison, but I could just use their dairy free kind at the time. So glad they have come up with this so I can still enjoy my potatoes and gluten-free bread the way I like it! :)

6. Namaste Pancake/Waffle Mix. A little chewy, but at least another bready breakfast option.

7. Food that has previously been on the "No thanks... Really, no thanks..." list like green beans. :)
I know, Linds and Mom, it's about time. We went to a wedding, and seriously, all I could eat of the delicious spread was the meat and the green beans. So I "enjoyed" 2 servings. Yes, I did... :)

In the future, I'll post some tips on eating out...

***Until then, here is an update on the Ansley Food Chronicles***

After 8 days of sweet potatoes, Ansley loves them and they equally love her! YAY! We have been overjoyed. However, with her severe food allergies, she also has a severe gag reflex (like she will vomit a bottle if it is not warm enough. She might be a little diva. Good thing she is cute too! :)) and vomited her first few bites of squash... Guess we will try carrots or peas next. Thanks for praying and emailing and checking in with us. If you have any tips on how to make squash better or how to make carrots and peas, I would totally appreciate them...and your continued prayers! Thanks, friends.

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April said...

Have you tried combining some squash in the sweet potatoes since she likes them so much?