Wednesday, July 13, 2011

8 months...and away she goes!

My favorite 8-month-old is moving and grooving!And hamming it up with this signature goofy scrunched up grin...
At 8 months, Ansley is crawling and pulling up everywhere! She started rocking back and forth on all fours and doing the one, two, flat a couple of weeks before, and then she just took off!

Ansley's favorite new books at 8 months are Goodnight Gorilla, One Rainy Day, and anything she can swipe from her sister. Now that she is crawling, her favorite toy is the ottomon. She crawls to it, pulls herself up, and starts giggling and bouncing. She also crawls to her sister's Dora dominoes and her curly locks. I'm starting to have to break up some sister brawls. :)

Ansley babbles constantly, picking up new vowel/consonant combos daily. Her current fav is something that sounds like "I did." Addison believes she is saying, "Addy" when she does it.

We are still working through allergy issues in the nutrition department, and she currently feasts on 4 nursing sessions during the day and 2 servings of sweet potatoes. We have scratched squash, carrots, and pears off the list and are going to a pediatric allergist next week to try to come up with a plan to get this little girl what she needs nutrition-wise. Sweet Whitney encouraged me to try to focus on the things that Ansley CAN eat, so we are just praying to add to that list of one in the coming weeks. Thankfully, she still doesn't know any different, and we thank the Lord for her sweet sweet spirit.

Ansley still naps 2 times a day and sleeps 11-12 hours at night. Right now she is going through a napping slump though as her top 2 teeth are giving her some fits... Bless her. She is actually having a tough time sleeping right now, so I will sign out to go rock her. Hopefully, I will be back soon with an update from our beach vacation!

I'll sign off with a pic of me and my baby doll.


Anonymous said...

LOVE that picture of you and Ansley!! She is such a doll baby and her scrunched up smile melts my heart. I am praying for you and her constantly to get past these allergy issues and to get some answers next week. Love you!!


Anonymous said...

love her! she is so sweet and precious. I know she loves her sister too; Sam adores Mary Ella. (although the adoration is not reciprocated on her part!) Praying for your sweet girl every day. You are doing a great job, Kristy.