Sunday, July 17, 2011


I love the part of Proverbs 11:25 that says, "He who refreshes others will himself be refreshed."

God has heard my plea for refreshment, and He does not disappoint. Patrick and I have been able to spend time with some of our oldest and dearest friends this month, and we have been blessed by them--as usual.

I was able to get with many of my best girlfriends from high school (This picture circa 1997 on our "senior Spring Break trip"):And our children. We are growing in number, but we missed those who couldn't make it.I am always thankful for these women, but I have been especially thankful for Kelly and Kristen during this season of allergy issues with Ansley. My two beautiful friends are also smart dieticians, and they have encouraged me and helped me with tangible plans, sent me articles to read, and just educated me on dealing with food allergies. What a blessing they have been.

Then, while at the beach, I got a phone call from this beautiful woman hoping to get together...
She and her precious family came down one afternoon, and we enjoyed an evening at Pompano Joe's and the beach. Amy and I lived together during graduate school. She taught me all I needed to know about "COMPS" and cleaning and I just love her. So does Patrick, and we love her Brady and their Rylee and Kade. No matter how much time lapses between talks or visits, we manage to pick right up where we left off. She is a speech pathologist and earlier, when Addison had just turned 2 and had her world turned upside down with a baby sister, Amy talked me through her stuttering and fluency issues. I have the smartest friends! Our kids acted like they'd always been friends:On our way home, we stopped for several hours in Montgomery (We drove by our old house, one of our rituals each time we drive through). We left Destin at 5 a.m. and showed up at Kevin and Britani's house at 7:45 on a Saturday morning. That in itself speaks volumes of a special friendship, and they are some of our dearest "couple friends." Brit and I joke about Patrick and Kevin being like David and Jonathan in the Bible. They just really love each other, and their friendship is special for us to observe. They help each other be better people, thinkers, husbands, and fathers. We have been blessed having both of our kids within weeks of each other, and they are already good buddies:
We went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast, and as we were walking through the parking lot, we said, "You need to hold somebody's hand." Addison and Oliver held each others.
Ansley and Poppy are just 4 weeks apart. They were so cute together.

We sure have been thankful for this good time with special friends, and I can't wait to keep it going when I go to Huntsville and see my other Amy and Baby Camp in a couple of weeks.

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