Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Her anatomical antics

Yesterday, when Addison woke up from her nap, she seemed sheepish.

Under bashful eyes, she said, " Mom, I need to tell you the truth..." Uh-oh.

I knew something was up. Addison has been telling a few lies lately to get out of trouble, and we have been trying to tell her that if she tells the truth, her consequences will be less severe. I knew she had calculated this risk because she immediately followed with, "Will I get in trouble?"

I can't remember how exactly I responded, but she eventually told me that she got out of her bed during her nap. I asked her why, and she said, " to get the purple marker..." Then she said, "you know how we are only supposed to write on paper?... Well, I forgot that rule, and I wrote on Dora."

I said, "why?"

She lifted Dora's shirt and replied, "because she needed a belly button and 2 boobs."

And there were 3 purple anatomically and proportionately correct circles on Dora's chest.

Ii thought, "What in the world? This is so hilarious...and yet so wrong. How do I discipline this child?"

I flashed back to when I was her age and drew eyelashes on my collector Raggedy Ann doll and when I got caught, I tried to blame it on my 6 month old baby sister. And I thought, she does have a point. At least she told the truth.


Holly-- The Storm Chaser said...


Katie said...

Haha!! That is hilarious that she was taking a nap and thought, "Hmm. Dora needs boobs."

Haley said...

HAAAAAAA! I am dying laughing!

McKinney Madness said...

I just read that and laughed out loud, which made my mom ask what I was laughing about, to which I read it to her and she laughed her head off, too! HILARIOUS!
BTW- thank you so much for keeping me in the loop on Ansley. I'm so glad God placed such a caring doctor in your life that will take such good care of your little one. Prayers to you and sweet Ansley.